Lets just imagine for a moment #officeNarnia

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With the festive period coming to an end and the new year nearly upon us. Its back to the normal daily routine going back to work. Taking the kids to school/nursery and running them here there and everywhere. Isn’t it mad how things go back to normal very quickly and your time off work seems a distant memory. If you could go anywhere or do anything what would you do ?

Lets for a moment imagine that filing cabinet in your office was a portal to your dream destination an office Narnia where would it take you to ? would you go to the beach, an adventure packed holiday or would you simply just want to go back to bed in peace. With no children sleeping in the same bed as you and sticking a foot in your mouth and a knee in the ribs.


office Narnia

Furniture at Work have created this fun infographic to help us imagine some places we’d rather be than work.

I tell you where I would go.

I would love to go to a beach I need a little bit of sun . I haven’t been on holiday for such a long time, I really just need a break away. I’m not saying a break away from the kids just a break away from normal life. Where we can have three meals a day cooked for us unlimited amount of drinks and a pool. Somewhere we can make memories as a family and spend some actually quality time together. Without one of us going to work .Or having to tackle that mountain of washing and ironing I have been putting off for months. There is nothing better than having a holiday getting home and feeling totally refreshed.

I find having a break gives you that new leash of life you needed. So you can start again with the daily routine and not get stressed by it. All of a sudden the things that annoyed you before your holiday can be more tolerable. So please someone send me on a holiday this year ! I’m not sure we will make it on one. As life is so crazy at the moment. We have a new born, a crazy toddler and were also trying to sell our house. I never have been one to do one thing at a time !

If you could have an #officeNarnia where would you go ?

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