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4 best online survey sites to earn money

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Wouldn’t it be easier on our wallets to just take a couple of online surveys and earn some extra cash on the side? Of course, it would. Not only is it a pretty simple gig to approach, but it’s also quite fun.

Let’s dispel the rumors about online surveys being a scam by saying they’re not. However, that also depends on which paid online survey sites you’re visiting. With this in mind, you’ll have access to the most legal way to earn some extra dough with relatively less effort.

To ensure that you’re not being taken for a ride, we’ve prepared a list of some of the finest paid online survey sites that are not only legit but also pay very well.

  1. Survey Junkie
Online survey sites

Survey Junkie is one of the best online survey sites out there today. We say one of the best because it has over 10 million members and because it’s easier to get used to.

What’s actually interesting about SJ is that it doesn’t come with any special requirements for users to fulfill or even install anything.

All you have to do is answer some rather easy questions and presto! Instant moolah! And the more interesting aspect of the site is that the site always adds new surveys every day.

  1. WalgreensListens
Online Survey sites

Walgreens is mostly known for its pharmaceutical products but also operates an online survey site known as WalgreensListens Survey. Upon answering a bunch of rather easy questions, customers are offered a chance to enter the monthly sweepstakes and possibly win $3,000.

The aim of the survey is to get better items at Walgreens. Even though Walgreens’ customer service is top-notch, they feel that there’s always room for improvement.

  1. Swagbucks
Online survey sites

Swagbucks is another popular and trusted online survey site. It has an A- score from the Better Business Bureau and a great 8/10 score from Trust Pilot.

This site is a treasure for those who get bored with their office work and wants some quick and easy greens.

Here’s how it works; when you create an account on Swagbucks, you’ll need to enter some personal information such as age, interests, income, and address among other details. You’ll be provided surveys based on the information you give to the site.

Each survey you take, lets you earn some Swagbucks or SBs. You can then have them converted into cash or gift cards at your favorite retailer at either Target, Amazon or Walmart.

Also, there’s a $10 welcome bonus when you sign up for a Swagbucks account, which is absolutely free.

  1. Vindale Research
Online survey sites

Vindale Research is another legitimate paid online survey site that holds a 4-star rating from Trust Pilot. As of this writing, users from around the world have earned over $7 million.

What makes it fascinating is that VR is hired by brands that you know and buy products from, in order to gather customer insight. As a result, they use the answers for the questions you send to VR and improve their products, services and marketing efforts. So you get paid and they improve their products. Talk about an ideal win-win situation huh?

You earn start earning with two simple steps:

  1. Take Paid Surveys

All you have to do is input demographic information about yourself so that Vindale Research can match you to appropriate paid surveys. You can either browse around the website for surveys or have VR email you whenever a new survey comes up.

  1. Get Redeemed by Check or PayPal

You can request payment either directly through PayPal or have VR sent you a personal check via postal mail.

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