5 easy ways to save money on your next family holiday

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We are yet to go on a family holiday. Were wanting to wait a little bit longer before we attempt to take two small children out of the country. From what friends say to me it’s so worth all the stress but boy is it stressful. Another reason we haven’t taken the kids yet is because of Finances. For the last few years I have either been pregnant or were under taking  big changes at home. This years big change is that were moving house so there is no summer holiday for us this year sadly.

If all goes to plan though I want to get the house sorted and start to plan our first family holiday. Over the years I have been on many holidays. I have picked up some things along the way which have saved me some money. So I thought I would share them with you. Hopefully I can save you a few pounds and maybe make that dream holiday more of a reality

ways to sabe money on a family holiday

Book way in advance or book last minute

As I like to pay off small instalments each month I do tend to book way in advance. I have found that booking way in advance does have some benefits. I have found that you can secure some really good deals as the demand for those types of holidays isn’t there yet. Meaning tour providers haven’t bumped up the prices yet.

Booking last minute can also save you some money. I will say this works better if you’re looking to travel in the UK . As transport overseas rarely gets cheaper.

Shop around

Right so you have found where you want to go now you need to go about booking it. You need to go looking for the best deals don’t just settle with the first one you find look around. I know so many people who have found great deals on the Holiday Gems website so this one may be a good one to start with . Also if you actually go into a store and speak to a travel agent sometimes they can get that price down a little more.

Make sure to check the internet you can get some great booking hotel offers online . Sometimes if you book flights and accommodate separately you can really get some good deals.

Be Flexible

Now I know once you have children of a certain age this is impossibly. As the schools dictate to you when you can and cannot take them out of school. So make sure to take full advantage of this before they start school. Also looking at the number of days you going for can make a difference sometimes going for 10 days comes out more expensive than going for 2 weeks. If you can have the added few days worth of holiday go for it. It may even save you some money.

Flight times is another way you will need to be flexible. The less desirable flight times often come out cheaper so if you dont mind being at the airport at silly o’clock in the morning. This may also save you some pounds. Just remember it will all be worth it once your on your holiday.

Go self catering

Do you really need to go all-inclusive. If your anything like me you don’t actually eat or drink enough to make it worth its while. So why are you paying for it. I know when we went as kids my mom said it was a necessity purely because I ate my weight in ice-cream each day. But if you don’t have kids that eat all too much on holiday I wouldn’t bother.

Take a look at your luggage

Ways to save money on a family holiday

A lot of airlines now charge you extra for your suitcases. So it’s worth actually checking how many bags you may need before paying for them. Do a test run at home and pack the things you think you may need and then go from there. You will then know how many bags you will need to pay for. As don’t forget everyone gets hand luggage allowance even children. It’s surprising how much you can actually fit in your hand luggage when you try.

Also if your taking a baby away with you. The best thing to do is order their milk/nappies or anything like that you may need to the boots inside the departure lounge. This way the weight of the baby bits wont be included in your weight allowance.

When it comes to taking the family on holiday it can be pretty expensive. Here are my 5 easy ways to save money on your next family holiday #moneysaving #familyholiday #holiday #tips #hacks #family #parenting #familybreak

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