She’s on the move !!

This is a collaborative post with simply plastics. 

I have been longing for the moment for Ava to be able to roll and move around a bit more by herself. Now that moment has come all I find myself thinking is I wish she would stay still for a moment. You start to look around at your house and see all the potential dangers. The biggest thing we have come across is Ava trying to get the dog toys. This is a really difficult one as we don’t want to stop the dog having her toys out. Ava isn’t old enough to understand that they are not her toys to play with. So instead we are run ragged trying to stop her from having them!


You start to constantly look at the carpet to see if there maybe anything on it that she may pick up and eat, this again having a dog is hard to keep up with. Kya loves to rip anything be it her soft toys or my socks . So I am constantly picking up things off the floor so Ava doesn’t eat them.

She has also started to find great joy in opening the draws on our TV unit just so they make a banging sound. This she does repeatedly until you move her away. Then she has the worlds worst break down.You really wouldn’t think she was only 8 months old .I’m so not looking forward to the strops as she gets older.

There are things that we have had to change in our house now she is rolling. We have got safety gates up to stop her escaping!, these also team up as a great play item. where she can bang her toys off them to make really loud annoying noises!. We have also put safety locks on the cupboards in the kitchen, not that she is ever in there by herself. You can never be too careful with little ones around. I have been looking at other things I can do make my house safer . I came across the idea of using Perspex sheets instead of glass. This is a great idea for things like shed windows that may break due to weathering or accidental damage.

She has just started to also bring herself up onto all fours .Which in its self is really exciting but also really scary. What will she be able to do within the next couple of months ? Maybe bubble wrap my house is in order ! ( only joking !).






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  1. Oh yes, moving babies and dogs – always create hazards for each other. Keeps us on our toes.

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