5 Tips to Keep Your Skin Hydrated when Out in the Sun

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The intense UV rays of summer can be dangerous and cause damage when they dry you out. So here are some tips to keep your skin hydrated when out in the sun and have some fun.

Don’t Apply Your Makeup

Attending BBQs, parties, and even relaxing at the beach means you will want to look your best. So, of course, it’s only natural to want to apply your makeup as usual. However, makeup isn’t good for your skin in the sun and can contribute to dyeing out your facial skin cells because it can block pores. This prevents them from breathing. However, you can achieve a great look in the sun using good quality tinted moisturisers. Moisturisers contain hydrating ingredients that not only help keep you from drying out but also act as a mild UV blocker as well.

Use Hydrating Sunscreen

Of course, sunscreen is the best way to prevent harm from UV rays besides staying in the shade. But many good brand sunscreens also come with hydrating active ingredients. And that’s on top of providing a real-time barrier between the ultraviolet intensity and your skin. Together, these act to prevent your skin from drying out, contributing to your overall health while enjoying the summer sun. There are many types of sunscreen available, and you typically get what you pay for. But it’s recommended to use no lower than SPF 30 for adequate protection.

Drink Water to Keep Your Skin Hydrated

Water is the best way to stay hydrated in general. You need to drink 8 glasses of water per day for the best results. But try to drink a little more than usual when out in the heat because you will lose more water as your body stays cool. Drinking enough water helps your skin cells retain the moisture needed for cell division and energy production. And this helps prevent the harmful heat and UV effects. Additionally, water will give you more energy, help with brain function and optimize your organs. So don’t drink alcohol since it will defeat the point entirely.

Spray Yourself Often

You can also use misted water to keep your skin hydrated. Rather than drinking, use a clean water bottle to spray water over your skin. A fine mist will provide a bit of extra hydration that your body can use to cool itself down as it evaporates from your skin. As a result, your body’s functions will perform better. And this includes the tasks required for retaining water inside your skin cells. Spraying water is also an excellent alternative to reaching for an ice cold drink with too much sugar. So it’s great for the kids, and you can also use it on your dogs.

Stay Clean and Exfoliate

Keeping your skin clean is essential for staying hydrated. Dirt and grime can clog up your pores, which causes spots. Additionally, you need clear pores so your skin can receive any lotions and sprays properly. Otherwise, these also build up and clog up your pores even more. In short, if you don’t keep your skin clean and clear, you will not really benefit from any of the expensive skin care products you are applying. Of course, you don’t need to do this every day. But it is recommended that you clean and exfoliate your skin at least three times per week.


It is essential to keep your skin hydrated when out in the sun. You can leave off makeup, drink plenty of water and keep your pores clean and clear to receive any lotions properly.

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