Smart tips to keep your car road-worthy during lockdown

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We all are going through difficult times. But if we can find a way to productively manage our time during this lockdown, we can save ourselves from big problems – once things go back to normal. Vehicle care is important during normal days too, but during such circumstances- it is not wrong to say that car maintenance should be given prime importance. Once roads are open, traffic is expected to go crazy. This holds true for congested areas like London. If you neglect your car, there is a high probability you will have to take it to the garages for fixes as common issues include a dead battery and engine seizures. Follow these simple tips for keeping your car health on point:

  • Clean your car properly

Cleaning also includes disinfecting your vehicle and getting rid any germs. You can do this by getting the right washing liquids and not just focusing on car exterior but also the interior. This will help you stay confident and healthy once you are out on the road.

Washing the car is something that will also keep the children going entertained. Mine loved cleaning my car on the weekend. I even did the car seats which were well over due a clean .

  • Release your car handbrake

As you are not driving anymore, you should leave the handbrake off. This will save you from any issues during the time your car is just standing still in your garage.

  • Examine your tyres

You should examine your tyres as a visual inspection can highlight issues before hand. For example if you are in London and you notice that your tyre’s surface is worn out, you should book an appointment for a trustable garage for later and they can replace your old tyres. One such place to get tyres fitted locally in London is Iverson Tyres – their facility is fully sanitised.

  • MOT testing

It is important for you to know that MOT tests have been postponed for 6 months. You can care for your car at home as much as you can to make sure it is healthy and okay for testing later

  • Check car lights

Inspect your car lights closely. Are there any damages? You should also try to make them squeaky clean. If your lights are damaged, they can compromise your sight and cause accidents.

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