We took on the Sports Direct .com £5 Christmas Challenge #sdfiverchallenge

I’m sorry to say it to you but Christmas is fast approaching . This year we have a toddler to buy for one that loves anything Paw patrol , Peppa or colouring in. To help us with some stocking fillers the lovely people over at Sports Direct with the help of Britmums sent us a £30 voucher to spend online.

If I’m being honest I had never thought of Sports Direct for stocking fillers. I normally just go in their to get socks for Jordan or the occasional bit of sports wear. At the moment they actually have a dedicated page on their website for stocking fillers . So I went a searching for things I could get to fill Ava’s stocking with.

Within no time at all I came across some paw patrol bits . Which I knew would be a winner straight away.

The Mini art case was only £1.50 and the 10 colour pen was £0.99p. Both of these I’m sure will be used over and over again. I’m also hoping to take them out with us when we go out for our Christmas meal to keep Ava occupied. Along with the Crayola giant princess colouring pad I got.

A wide range of gifts from Sports Direct

This princess colouring pad was only £3.00 and containers 20 separate pages for her to enjoy colouring in.

Crayola at Sports Direct

I also got a Crayola sticker kit which I know I’m so going to regret . As I’m going to have stickers all over my house . I think this was one of those purchases I thought was a really good idea at the time.

Now I have never seen a book like this before and I thought it was pretty cool . Ava loves music and books so it’s a win win hopefully.

Great socks from Sports Direct

Last but not least socks . Now no Christmas stocking is complete without some socks . So I got both Jordan and Ava some socks .

I had already got Ava some little bits and now with the addition of these items I think her stocking is all done . I have even been super organised and wrapped them ready for Santa.

Stocking fillers all wrapped from Sports Direct

Now that I know Sports Direct do all these different products I’m definitely going to keep them In mind for next years Christmas stockings. It would be great though if you could have free store collection. As I live just down the road from a Sports Direct store . I do find nowadays I do most my shopping online to collect in store . As one I know what stock is available and two having home delivery can be hard to make sure someone is at home to receive the delivery.

Overall I’m happy with the quality of the products we received one of the box’s was slightly damaged and some of the paints have come out. But it’s not the end of the world these are minor things. I think if the prices weren’t so reasonable I wouldn’t be so cool about it but. I was really impressed with the range of products available and the price of them.

This post is an entry for BritMums #sdfiverchallenge Christmas Challenge, sponsored by

Looking for great but cheap stocking fillers then you need to head over to Sports Direct .com


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