My tips on how I try to be a successful work at home mum

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Whether you’re a work at home mum with a full-time job, or a parent who is trying to establish a new business from home.There are many different challenges and obstacles to overcome .When it comes to doing well at work and being a mum.It’s hard enough trying to juggle doing all the housework, looking after the baby, walking the dog and making sure that you’re staying fit and healthy without adding making a living into the mix. But, it is do-able as us mums are wonder women when it comes down to it, well we are when we follow these top tips:

Try and Keep to a Schedule

Although it can be tricky, being strict and trying to keep to a set schedule can really help you to successfully carrying on working whilst being a full-time mum. Outline working hours where you intend to get your work done. With designated breaks where you intend to do housework and other tasks. This could be when you put the baby down for a sleep and you know that you’ll have a few peaceful hours to yourself to get things done. However, it’s important to factor in the unpredictable nature of family life which will most definitely interfere from time to time.

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Use Tools Effectively

If there’s a service or tool out there that can help you run your business more efficiently or streamline a process. Then I’d most definitely recommend using it to help make your life easier. For example, take advantage of the next day delivery service offered by TNT When posting goods out to customers. As an affordable and reliable courier service, it will save you both time and money on making all those trips to the post office.

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Use Social Media

If you’re running your own business from home, using social media to promote it can be a really useful tool. It’s free to use.Helps you stay connected with family and friends and enables you to reach out to endless amounts of new customers. Without having to put too much effort. Plus, you can keep up with all your social media queries via your phone. Meaning it shouldn’t interfere too much with looking after the baby.

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We all know being a work at home parent is tough.So don’t worry if you find it hard to stick to some of these pointers. They’re  just handy hints and tips which can help to make it a little easier. But don’t be discouraged, you’ll soon find a routine that works for you!

What have you found works best for you how do you work at home ?

here are my few tips for how to be at sucessful work at home parent

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