Top Tips for Keeping Your Baby Warm In A Cold House

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Summer in the UK is unpredictable, especially when it comes to the temperature, so make sure your baby sleeps safely no matter what the weather.

Is your baby too hot? Too cold? How can you ever be 100% sure? There’s a fine line between keeping your newborn nice and cosy and putting them in danger from overheating. It can feel like you’re forever worrying and second-guessing yourself. Firstly, it’s important to remember that babies feel the cold differently to us adults. A baby’s body surface is about three times greater than ours, which means they lose heat quickly. What’s more, newborn’s can’t regulate their body temperature. It’s up to you to do it for them.

using the Cosi bed sheet to help babies sleep no matter what the weather

The summer months are filled with sunny days and nights sans-covers where you can sleep in complete comfort. While you may be able to cope with the change in temperature, it’s not always the same for your little one. It’s important to keep in communication with your baby through the night (don’t neglect the baby monitor!). Here are some ways to keep your baby warm, comfortable and healthy, no matter what the weather:

1) Monitor the temperature

It’s tricky to suggest a specific temperature – every baby is different. However, it is possible to control the regulation of heat. You baby regulates temperature through the face. So, it’s incredibly important that their face isn’t covered (of course, they should always sleep on their backs). Looking for a sweet spot? We’d recommend keeping the temperature between 16 – 20 degrees.

Sleep time for babies getting them warm but also cool

Place a thermometer in the room. Thermometers are reliable if you are looking for an accurate temperature reading.
Utilise the AC or a fan. Babies should always sleep at a distance from AC and windows, for their safety. However, having a fan in the room can reduce the chance of your baby contracting SIDS by 70 percent.
Embrace the open air. A simple solution to heat regulation is to open a window. It’s simple but does allow for more cooling, fresh air to circulate the room. However, with temperatures dropping overnight (in the UK, what do you expect?), you need to be in and out of the room on a regular basis.

2) Take control of your heating

Despite the many options regarding home heating (Gas, Oil, Electric, Wood Burning Fire), heating oil remains the most popular choice. Did you know 1.3 million homes in the UK choose this as an alternative to gas? In a recent report, OFTEC found that heating oil costs on average £964 less to heat a home than gas.

You want your baby’s heat source to be clean, sustainable, efficient, eco-friendly and, most importantly, a safe option. If you drop a match into heating oil, it will go out as if dropped into water. It will not ignite unless it has reached a temperature of 140 degrees. An oil system preheats the oil inside a boiler or furnace keeping the heat contained keeping your family safe all year long. Summer is the time to enquire about heating oil before the colder months roll around and demand reaches its peak. Check heating oil prices now to get the best value for money.

3) Wrap up warm

Muslim wraps are popular, especially during the summer months. The light, delicate fabric is essential in the early months when babies need skin protection. What’s more, it’s a breathable fabric giving a squirming baby complete comfort. When the weather changes, switch the something warmer. There is an element of trial and error with your baby’s clothing – speak to other mums for trusted, first-hand recommendations.

keeping little ones warm what ever the weather

So, there you have it – a complete list of recommendations for keeping your baby warm in a cold house. Is there something we’ve missed? Comment with your suggestions – I’d love to hear from you!

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