If you could treat yourself to anything what would it be ?

This is a collaborative post with Harley street hair clinic. Who specialise in hair transplants and want to raise awareness of their ATP procedure

If you could treat yourself to anything and money was no issue what would it be. Would you go on a shopping spree and buy yourself an entire new wardrobe of clothes. Or would you have a nice relaxing day in a spa ?

I’m rubbish at treating myself. If I ever have any spare money which doesn’t happen to often I spend it on Ava. I always feel guilty about spending money on myself I don’t know why when I have worked so hard for it. Many a times I have gone to a shopping picked  something up for myself and talked myself out of buying it. I then have a battle in my head after walking away beating myself up for not buying it but at the same time reassuring myself I did the right thing.

If money was no object and I could go and splash some cash and treat myself what would I do,
  • Firstly I would like to go and get myself some new clothes. I don’t mean expensive branded clothes as I’m not bothered about that. Just some new Primark vest tops which I wear everyday under my clothes. Some new knickers is a must really as I’m still styling the pregnancy pants as comfy as they are they are really not attractive. Then just some practical everyday clothing that doesn’t look all frumpy mummy but makes me look more yummy mummy if that’s possible.
  • I would love to have a facial especially one of those that gets deep in your pores and gets rid of all the rubbish. I have never had to best skin if I’m honest and I hate it. Its got a lot worse since having Ava and it does really get me down at times. So to have all the rubbish taken out of my skin and leaving it feeling refreshed would be AMAZING !

treat youself to a spa day

  • I am in need of some new makeup as well. I am literally scrapping the bottom of my small collection. If you’re a mom you will know how important makeup can be . It really does hide a lot and without it I literally look like death warmed up. With big panda bags under my eyes. Again I’m not bothered about it being really expensive just something that does the job. If I’m honest some of my most favourite makeup is boots natural collection. it’s relatively cheap but does the job.

treating yourself to new makeup

  • Lastly I would love to have someone in to clean my house from top to bottom . When I say clean i mean a good scrub , don’t get me wrong my house isn’t filthy but it could be cleaner. I would love them forever if they got to the bottom of my washing and ironing baskets.This last one would make me the happiest if I’m honest. I sit down most nights and see things that I really should be doing but literally have no energy to do them.
  • I’ll definitely treat myself to an ear wax removal home visit. I know what you’re on thinking – why on earth will I do that right? Well, experts say cleaning your ears with cotton buds is no good so getting a professional to do it would be grand. Especially if it can be done from the comfort of my home .

So that’s what I would treat myself to but what would you like ? would you like to turn back time and have a full head of hair by having Advanced Tricho Pigmentation Treatment .Or would you just like a day to yourself no kids no stress. Just time to think about you and no one else. Not have to share your food and to have a hot cup of tea. sounds amazing doesn’t it

I would love to know what you would treat yourself to let me know below in the comments.

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