Turning #Tearsintosmiles challange with Elastoplast

This post is an entry for BritMums #Tearsintosmiles challange, sponsored by Elastoplast

It’s that time of the year where your little ones are constantly covered in scraps, grazes and bruises. The great outdoors takes over when it comes to days out or play dates. Who wants to be sitting in a sweaty soft play area when the sun is shining *hopefully*.

Children can learn so much in an outdoor environment. Any form of learning can be done outdoors and the natural environment makes for some great resources to aid children’s development.

This is the first summer as a parent I’m having the experience the little bumps and accidents that come hand in hand with playing outside. Already I’m dealing with grazed knees and tears.

summer ready with Elastoplast

All to quickly I have come to realise that Ava is like a bull in a china shop . Meaning most days were having bumps. She’s not a delicate child at all she goes all steam ahead in to everything . Like most children at her age she really doesn’t have any fear . Which on one hand I admire. Then on the other hand it makes me want to watch through my fingers as I’m not sure what the outcome will be . Normally a bump or a graze but nothing that won’t heal with time.

We have taken a pretty chilled out approach to dealing with Ava and bumps . I tend to tell her to get straight up and brush it off . Which most of the time works and you see her brushing her hands together which is really cute . Only on a few occasions has she had a total breakdown . Which resulted in me using the good old magic water and rub . I think many parents have magic cream or water it’s a must have .

We did however have to go to the extreme recently and use a Frozen Elastoplast plaster . To be honest she forgot pretty quickly about her poorly and was more interested by the plaster. I’m sure as she gets older and cottons on to plasters she will be asking for them more often .

Elastoplast tears to smiles
I remember as a child having legs full of plasters and showing them off to my friends . My brother was one of those horrid kids who used to sit there picking his scabs off 😷.

Even if the weather isn’t being kind to you . You can always bring your games inside like we did. I’m sure they will still be the need for plasters indoors.

Elastoplast summer ready
How do you deal with bumps at your house ? 


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  1. Great post and thanks on behalf of BritMums for taking part

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