Unexpected expenses and ways to deal with them

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You may keep a close look on your expenses. Have savings in different places but sometimes those unexpected expenses come along and you just don’t have the money to cover them. It may be a expenses that your overdraft may not be able to cover. You may then have to turn to a short-term loan lender like Cash lady. I always find that these unexpected expenses always come all at once. Here are some of the unexpected expenses I have myself faced and other that I know.

Car break downs

unexpected expenses

When Ava was born I wasn’t able to drive due to having a caesarean. When I was able to drive I went to get in my car and it wouldn’t start ! Great I had little money spare due to being a new parent and I really needed a new car to get to all her new born appointments. So I had to turn to car finance. This was something I didn’t particularly want to do as up until then I had owned all my cars out right. After only having the car for a few months I broke down on the way to university. I had to call the AA out it was a massive stressful situation and one that ended up costing me a lot of money to fix.

Funeral costs

Funerals are horrible times even without taking into account how much they cost. A good friend of mine recently lost a close family member and just to have a basic funeral it was going to cost them £4000 this was without flowers and memorials. Sometime you don’t know that one day soon may be your last day so your may not have put money aside for it. leaving your loved ones with the task of finding the money to pay for a funeral you deserve. This has really got me thinking and even though I’m young you just don’t know what will happen. So I have been looking into putting some money aside each month to help pay for my funeral. A horrible thought I know but I wouldn’t want my family to be put in a position to maybe come into debt because of it.

Medical emergencies

Yes we have the NHS in Brittan but this doesn’t cover everything. One of those things being dentistry. It’s not a pain you can just forget about and get on with your daily life if you are needing something like a root cannel done. It’s something that needs to be seen to before it gets worse. This can be a costly emergency but one you will have to pay out for. Thankfully when I had mine done I was still receiving free dental care after having Ava.

Boiler breakdowns

boiler unexpected expenses

Why is it boilers always break in the winter. It’s like they wait until it’s the coldest time of the year to break. Your then left in a cold house and if you have children or are elderly this is something you cannot wait to get fixed.

Have you had any unexpected expenses pop up in your life? if so how did you deal with them ?

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