Valentine’s Day is it worth all the fuss . Do we really need a day to say I love you

This is a collaborative post with rattan direct. Regarding people views on Valentines Day. 

I’m not a big fan of Valentines Day if I’m honest . I Personally think it’s just another reason to spend money when you don’t really need to .Money that could be spent on something else that you actually need . It’s  a holiday that hugely benefits retailers. Selling everything from extortionate priced roses to chocolate hearts.

Valentines Day red roses

Do we really need a special day to show someone how much they mean to you . I would rather it Jordan did something that was on a totally random day of the year . Not on a day when he is told he is meant to show me he loves me.

To be honest I’m not one for public displays of affection . I don’t see the need in it personally . I would also be mortified if Jordan did a big gesture in public . When he asked me to marry him it was at home with just us and it was perfect.

Valentines Day should be everyday

Maybe I’m just the Scrooge of Valentines if there is such a thing . I just don’t see the need for it . I know not everyone has the same view as me and some people take valentines to the extreme. Some people like the gentle reminder for their loved ones to show their appreciation. I suppose maybe I’m lucky I have someone who tells me often he loves me and gets me little gifts from time to time . Spoilt some may say !

What do you I think about valentines is it something you celebrate with your partner . Or like me do you think it’s a big con and not worth it . Well  the lovely people over at rattan direct would love to know . They would really appreciate it if you could fill out this short survey.

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