The reason i have upped the amount of arts and crafts we do

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You may have seen recently I have upped my game with doing arts and crafts. This is mainly because of mom gilt I’m not going to lie. I do love doing crafts with Ava but I have mainly started to do more so she feels like she still has time with me. As with Alby coming along she has had to learn quickly that she has to share us. Also she has had to learn that I cannot do things as soon as she has asked. This is one of the biggest thing for her to adapt to. Before Alby she would ask for a drink or to do something and I would do it straight away well most of the time. But now its a different story . She normally asks me when I’m feeding Alby and as much as I have got good at multi tasking. There are somethings I find hard doing one-handed. Plus feeding Alby is a lovely bonding moment. Moments I had with Ava uninterrupted so I want that for him also.

Also I have taken Ava out of nursery whilst I’m off on maternity leave. So again I feel guilty that I have taken her away from somewhere she loves going to . And learns so much whilst she is there. I just couldn’t justify the two-hour car journey each day and paying for it whilst I’m on maternity pay wasn’t going to be easy.

So I have kind of gone back to the childcare practitioner me when I loved to do arts and crafts. I remember planning fun and exciting activities for the kids at work. Not worrying about the mess just concentrating what they will get from it. Crafts and messy play activities are great for all round development. For instance drawing and mark making develops their motor skills and play dough and painting can help them with colour recognition. So I’m aiming for once a week I will do something arts and crafts. I’m hoping it will coincide it with Alby’s sleep so I can put my whole focus into Ava.

arts and crafts

I know a lot of people don’t do arts and crafts because of the mess. All you need is a good messy matt and an apron to cover your little one and your good to go. The matt can be wiped and the apron can be washed. I will say that Ava gets nothing on my floor but that’s because from a young age I set out the rules. She knows that paint goes on the paper and play dough doesn’t go in her mouth !

Crafting doesn’t have to be expensive believe me I don’t spend a lot on my crafts stuff. Most things I use are things that were heading to the recycling bin like toilet rolls or bubble wrap. If I do buy anything I shop around and buy it cheaply places like Aldi,Asda,Hobbycraft and Lions home have some great craft bargains on offer.

Want to see some of our recent arts and crafts posts ? We have recently done some bubble wrap painting, cotton wool painting and Valentine’s crafts. 


there are many reasons to why we do arts and crafts one being one to one time with my eldest


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