Bubble wrap painting

We quite often get things packaged in bubble wrap and 9/10 I put it in the recycling bin straight away. Today though I thought let’s do something fun with it even if I recycle it afterwards at least its been used a few times. So today we did some bubble wrap painting. It’s really easy to ddo and takes minutes to prepare.

What you will need

  • Bubble wrap,
  • paper,
  • paint,
  • rolling-pin,
  • toilet roll inside,
  • hair bands or elastic bands.

Bubble wrap painting

( sorry about the hair on the bobble !!)

Wrap both the rolling-pin and the end of the toilet roll in bubble wrap and secure with a hair bobble or elastic band. Then let your little one go wild. I put some paints into a muffin tray for Ava to use with the toilet roll one so that she could put it in the paint and then use it on the paper.

Bubble wrap painting You do get a better transfer of the pattern from the bubble wrap when you use less paint. Ava really enjoyed exploring the paint looking at the different colours we were using. Like most toddlers she didn’t just use the toilet roll and bubble wrap to paint with. She explored the paint using her fingers. She also liked to touch the paint that was on the bubble wrap feeling the bumpy texture.

bubble wrap painting

We then moved on and used the rolling-pin with the bubble wrap around it. We started off by placing a few dots of paint on to the paper . Then we used the rolling-pin on top of it to move the paint. This made a great transfer pattern .It would be great if you’re creating fish as they look like the scales.

bubble wrap painting with rolling pin bubble wrap painting

And of course we couldn’t have bubble wrap out without jumping on it !!

exploring bubble wrap painting

If you are being brave you could lay a large piece of paper on the floor , put some paint on it then put the bubble wrap on top with the bubbles on top of the paint. Then let them jump up and down on it . Their movements on top of it will move the paint around. creating an awesome picture. Sadly we couldn’t do this today as I didn’t have a big enough piece of paper to put on the floor.

I hope you are enjoying these crafty posts. Did you see the post cotton wool painting ?. We have got some more planned over the coming months for you all to enjoy. Please do let me know if you do any of the crafts. I would love to see how you got on.

bubble wrap painting is a great and easy activity to do with toddlers and older children

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