cotton wool peg painting for toddlers

As Ava isn’t at nursery anymore I’m trying to make more of a conscious effort to do some different activities with her . Activities that she will both enjoy and that will aid her development. Today we did cotton wool peg painting.

cotton wool peg painting

cotton wool and peg painting

Now this is a really simple activity to do . It offers a wide range of different learning opportunities. I will do a step by step show you how we did our cotton wool peg painting and what learning opportunity it could offer.

First of all you need some pegs and some cotton wool . Get your little ones to use the pegs to pick up the cotton wool. This will then be used as a paint brush in a little bit.

cottom wool peg painting

Using pegs are great for children it enables them to develop their fine motor skills. Also as they are trying to use the peg to pick up the cotton wool it helps to develop their hand eye coordination.

cotton wool peg painting

We have also been trying to learn our numbers . So once we had managed to put the cotton wool onto the pegs we counted them . You could also look at the different colours of the pegs you are using.

I then showed Ava the different paint and she picked some colours . At the moment everything is yellow so this was great for getting her to think about different colour names.

I then left her to explore the paint herself . She used both the pegs with the cotton wool and her fingers . This is great sensory exploration activity and you could also add different things to the paint . Like sand to add a ;

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