valentine’s bunting and easy valentine’s card that children of all ages can enjoy creating

valentine's crafts

I am so excited to share with you all that this year we have been picked by Tots100 to be a Bostik blogger. This means that each month we will have a step by step craft tutorial for you. Using a craft box sent to us from Craft Merrily. I’m really looking forward to sharing with you the different things we make. Also I’m looking forward to this one on one time with Ava doing something we both love. This month in preparation for valentine’s day we have been making some valentine’s bunting. This is a great activity and can be enjoyed by children of all ages.

Valentines bunting You will need
  • Heart shapes,
  • decorative things to stick,
  • Pipe cleaners,
  • Ribbon,
  • Glu dots ( we used Bostik Glu dots)
  • Hole punch.

valentines bunting

  1. First of all you will need to decorate your heart shapes. As a toddler and a glue stick can be messy we used opted to use some Glu dots. I simply placed them on different parts of the heart and then let Ava decide what she wanted to stick on them.

valentines bunting2. Once you have decorated your hearts you will need to make a small hole using a hole punch in the top centre section of your heart. To put a pipe cleaner through for hanging. As I used foam for some of my heart I didn’t need to use a hole punch as they cut through the foam with ease. Once you have put the pipe cleaner through this hole twist the end of the pipe cleaner together so that you can thread them onto your ribbon in a moment. Repeat this for all of your hearts or hanging decorations.

18 thoughts on “valentine’s bunting and easy valentine’s card that children of all ages can enjoy creating

  1. Katy Stevens

    These crafts are lovely! Looks like you have had great fun together. I can’t wait until my daughter is old enough for things like this! Few more months hopefully!

    1. admin

      How old is she ? Ava has just gone two but we have don’t bits like this for a while now. I love doing crafts with her x

  2. Jon

    The Cards looks great. What a lovely way to involve children during Valentines.

    1. admin

      Thank you ☺️

  3. Talya

    This is such sweet idea – we are on the look out for some Valentine’s crafts for the next couple of weeks so going to pin this for after school one day!

    1. admin

      Hope you have a good time doing it . Would love to know how you get on

  4. Corina Blum

    These look like so much fun. I love the type of craft boxes that you get sent regularly and my daughter gets so excited when one arrives. She’s 5 at the moment and would still love this.

  5. Ami Rose

    This looks so cute and easy to make. I’d love to make something like this for myself, adding a personal touch to one of the rooms in our house.

    Ami xxx

    1. admin

      That sounds lovely !

  6. Ana De-Jesus

    Well done on being chosen as a bostik blogger by Tots 100 that is awesome! I love the cute Valentines card!

    1. admin

      Thank you ☺️

  7. fashionandstylepolice

    This is so creative. The card is a beauty. Wonder if my kids would be interested in making one.

    1. admin

      I’m sure they would let me know how you get on if you do x

  8. Anosa Malanga

    This is a great activity to teach with the kids. They can make their own cards for Valentine’s day. Well, I used to do that too before when I was young. Congratulations as well for being picked by Tots100! More crafts from you to look forward.

    1. admin

      Thank you glad you enjoyed this one x

  9. Kara

    That is super cute. Trying to come up with valentines crafts for the pre-school kids that is a bit different and they would love this

    1. admin

      It would be great for pre school kids !! X

  10. Stephanie

    Oh we love the glue dots, so easy to work with and create fun designs. Love this heart garland

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