Bathtime Bubble fun with Paddy’s Bathroom !

Being a new Mommy I’m not aware of all the amazing brands that are out there one of them being Paddy’s bathroom. Also I didn’t know that Paddy’s Bathroom was from the same company as Ella’s kitchen. Which from working in a nursery I saw many children have these pouches and meals so I knew It would be of a good quality.

The products are in the same type of packaging as Ella’s kitchen product ( so looking back now I should of guessed they were the same company !). This means when trying to get that last bit of bubble bath out of the packaging it is easy meaning your really getting your moneys worth.

We used the Bubbly stuff tangy tangerine bubble bath and Ava loved this as it made the bath full of bubbles making bath time even more exciting !!. We also used the Foamy stuff apple foaming hair and body wash. Having a two in one is such a bonus, the pump mechanism means it to so much easier to dispense the product meaning I can keep one hand on my daughter whilst in the bath. We also received a bottle of squirty stuff that smells like squishy mangoes. All of them smelt amazing and loved the fact that I could still smell it on my daughter the next day and it also left a yummy smell around the house!. I found that the hair and body wash left Ava’s hair so soft I tried it on my own and it made my hair feel, look and smell amazing ! ( Saves buying loads of different products will just buy this for us both in the future !)

They have also created a ” drop by drop programme” which means for every product that they sell they donate $0.50 or the English equivalent to Delagua’s Rwanda programme. The programme helps to fund the distribution of home water filters, free of charge to Rwanda’s poorest households ( Makes buying this product even better!)

On the back of the packaging it states that you will find NO:

  • SLS
  • Parabens
  • Phthalates
  • Sulphates
  • Petroleum
  • GMO ingredients

which basically means they are 63% organic and 98% natural. Meaning they use as little as possible of horrible chemicals as they can. For more information on this visit their website at

Paddy’s Bathroom products can be purchased from Boots,Ocado,Superdrug and selected Tesco stores and are priced between £4.49 – £5.99. But do remember you can get every last drop out of this packaging and I will defiantly be buying it !!.

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