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The night time diaries Guest post from Eps and Amy

Next up in the night time diaries is Amy from Eps and Amy. They have some great posts about how to save money and find a bargain, so definitely worth a look at.

Amy and Eps guest post

I’m Amy from Eps and Amy blog site, , we run a family and life style blog. Epril (Eps) is from the Philippines so we have an interesting duel culture perspective in our articles.

I have two children, a girl aged 8 and a boy aged 5. Both of my kids were terrible sleepers as babies and didn’t sleep through the night until well over 2.
We tried everything: night light, star gazer lights, music, cuddlies, co-sleeping…nothing was a magic answer, eventually the children simply grew out of it. No immediate snap your fingers and it works, but patience and love won through in the end. Even now they sometimes settle in our bed or in with each other.
Amy and Eps
Both our children moved to their own room at 6 weeks old, we found being in the room with them disturbed them and they slept better when they were alone. However, I did have to sit on Bethany’s floor while she fell asleep for a good 3 months, but she got there. We even tried controlled crying, not to the degree that we left them hours and they sobbed themselves to sleep but we left them to whinge and they learned to settle by themselves.
If a parent is struggling with night times I would say keep trying new things, find what works for you and don’t worry about what other people say and do. Learning to sleep by themselves takes time, so be patient and keep trying.
Amy gives some fab advice there on the end do what works for you. What works for your child may not work for others and the same for siblings. Every child is different so don’t worry if one thing works for one and not for the other.
Want to read more from Amy and Eps then check out their blog . Or pop over to their Facebook and Twitter page for updates.

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