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The night time diaries- guest post from Me Becoming Mum

Next up in the night time diaries is Naomi from Me Becoming Mum. Naomi is a full time mummy to her little girl and also has a baby girl on the way. Naomi also has her own business called Mama Nail’s crochet where she creates beautiful homemade gifts and keepsakes for babies and children.


Me Becoming Mum

Please could you tell me a little bit about your blog and where we can find it?

Hi, I’m Naomi and I blog over at Me Becoming Mum .I write honest posts, keeping it real about the truths and realities of pregnancy and parenthood. I am a 25 year old wife of five and a half years, and mummy to a beautiful little girl who turned two in February 2016. We are also due our second daughter in a few weeks time on December 18th.

me becoming mum

This is her daughter when she was a baby cute !
What is your normal night time routine?

I try to have our girl in bed sometime between six and eight in the evening. This of course is after tea, bath time, a bed time story and a song. After that I will spend the evening with my husband – which will usually include dinner, a couple of TV programmes and some blogging action.

Have you purchased any products to help your child sleep (night lights, dream sheep) and have your found them to be effective?

My daughter has a Lindam Owl night light that we use until she is in her bed, and then she will turn it off herself. She has never really had a problem with being in the dark, but it’s a nice little way to dim the lights and make her aware it’s time for bed.

Does your little one sleep in a cot/ bed or do you co-sleep?

We co-slept with our little one in a Moses basket until she was 4 months of age, and then she moved into a cot bed. When she started climbing out of the cot bed (and on occasion hurting herself!) we moved her into a single bed with a Lindam bed guard on the side.

With our new baby we are planning on bed sharing with one of the specifically designed cribs that attach to the side of the bed, so things will be a little different – it will be interesting to see how it all works with her!

What lengths have you gone to, to get your children to sleep?

We have been really lucky that we have not often had any issues with our girl going to sleep, and sleeping through the night.

I have been known to get her to sleep in our bed and move her into her own on nights when she is not feeling very well. When she was little it was a little easier.Now she is a bit bigger it’s much more difficult as she is a heavy dead weight to carry around when she is asleep!

Do you find night times as bad as you expected before becoming a parent?

We have been so fortunate, when it comes to night times in our house. I used to panic that we would never get any sleep. You hear so many horror stories of children that don’t sleep through the night for years and other problems. However our little one slept through from six weeks, and has been in her own room since she was 4 months.

Would you change anything about how you have done things at night time?

We are slightly changing what we are doing this time around. We will be bed sharing instead of co-sleeping.We have not got any exact plans when it comes to the length of time that our new baby will be in our room for.

She has however got a nursery all set up, so it will simply be whatever works for us. We will play it by ear!

What piece of advice would you give to a parent struggling with night times?

My top pieces of advices are as follows:

Don’t worry! There is no right or wrong way – and every child is different. Take it as it comes and don’t let it get to you.

Ignore what everyone else is up to! It can be easy to get disheartened when you see other people’s children seemingly doing better than your child when it comes to be time. It doesn’t matter – every child is an individual!

Do what is best for you! Trust your own instincts; and work out what works for you, and what is best for your child – then do it!

That is some great advice from Naomi and I wish I had heard this when I first had Ava. I hope your second little girl sleeps just as well as your first born.

Want to see more from Naomi then check out her blog Me Becoming Mum. Also keep an eye on her Twitter,Facebook and Instagram pages for updates.

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