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The night time diaries – Guest post from Moonpie’s adventures

Our first guest post in the night time diaries comes from Moonpie’s adventures. After you have read this awesome guest post I urge you to go over to her blog and read about her PCOS story. It really did hit a spot with me as I have a very close friend who has PCOS.

Moonpie's adventures night time


Moonpie’s Adventures is a little blog filled with stories of living and dealing with the cheeky miss Luna-Rose. The ups and downs of being a single mum and life in general. You can find us at My daughter is almost 1 now and my only child.

Moonpie's adventures guest post

Our routine

Our night time routine goes a little something like this (on a good day). We start off our build up to bedtime after dinner which is normally half 5. We have bath time and then get into our pj’s. Then we have playtime till about half 6. I normally find that Luna goes down better if I’ve tired her out good and proper before hand
We start to wind down with cuddles and a story or some chill out music and then by 7 the curtains are drawn. Lights off and Luna is put down in her cot with her dummy and a bottle, in her own room and I go into mine. Normally she’s fast asleep by quarter past.
However when we have a bad night (when Luna is teething or ill) bedtime can be a nightmare. She can end up being up every hour which means she either get into bed with me or I end up on her bedroom floor next to the cot trying to comfort her.
It definitely gets easier as they get older and start sleeping through the night.I was very lucky with Luna. She started to sleep through at 5 months and our bad nights are few and far in between now.

One piece of advice would be to definitely get a routine in place if you haven’t already and be consistent with it. My Moonpie is definitely a creature of habit .So if our routine goes off at all, oh boy does she let me know.

Well I am very jealous of how night time go in the Moonpie’s Adventures household !. want to see what else they get up to. Then check them out on Facebook and of course their blog.

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