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7 reasons to visit Turkey this summer

Today I have a guest post for you from Sam who blogs over at Growing up two. As you may have guessed from the title of the post the post is about 7 reasons to visit turkey. I have such fond memories of Turkey it was a place we used to go on holiday when I was younger. I have so many happy memories of turkey and a lot of the places below Sam talks about I have been. Turkey was also the destination for my first girls holiday and what a holiday that was. I hope you enjoy Sam’s guest post Make sure to check out her bio at the end of the post. Which has links to her blog and social media channels.

Undecided on where to head off on holiday this summer? Looking for sun and fun for the family at a reasonable price? Look no further, get online and book a holiday to Turkey!

A little unsure? Well, here are 7 reasons to visit Turkey that may convince you…

1. A warm welcome and unbelievably friendly locals.

When’s the last time you saw a stranger look up from their iPhone and smile on the London Underground? You would probably think they were weird if they did! But in Turkey it’s different. The locals are naturally friendly and happy. They smile. Turks spend time with guests and strangers and on a second meeting it’s all hugs and kisses. The Turks happiness is infectious and, not only this, they LOVE kids. From the little old lady that speaks no English stopping you to coo over your baby, to the staff in restaurants happy to help entertain your little one while you eat, kids are made a fuss of and the young ones love it. A trip to Turkey is something the whole family will enjoy.

2. Fabulous food at great prices

Despite popular belief, Turkey dishes up far more than doner kebabs and baklava! The country lies at the point where East meets West, a colossal land with a foot in Asia and Europe. It’s been a trading route for centuries so it’s cuisine is rich and diverse. Sure, all the popular resorts serve up the English favourites; the fish and chips, burgers, pies and Full English breakfasts. But if you enjoy new tastes and freshly cooked cuisine, there’s a heap of local options to try. Order slow cooked lamb tandir, a meze or some grilled fresh fish. As for kebabs, there’s 100’s to choose from with many regional ;

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