Why It’s Worth Spending Money on High End Trainers look

Sometimes, when it comes to fashion, or even to basic essentials, we have to decide when it is a good idea to spend more on higher end branded products versus when it is better to just buy the cheaper options. For clothing, one area where it can be well worth going for the luxury items you really like rather than simple, basic cheaper products, is with trainers. 

Here are some of the reasons why we think it is a good idea to check out the latest ranges from major designer brands. 

You’ll Wear Your Trainers a Lot!

One of the main reasons why it can be worth splashing out for the stylish trainers you really want is that they are something you’ll be wearing a lot of the time. If you tend to dress casually most of the time, for instance you work in a dressed down environment, then your trainers are likely to be the shoes you wear more than any others, and so why would you spend a lot on the glam high heels you only wear out every now and again, but go for the bargain option for the shoes you’re seen in all the time? 

Having eye-catching, fashionable trainers can give a lift to every outfit, and if you are a fan of the current athleisure trend, they can be a way to add a touch of luxury to the most dressed down streetwear looks. For example, the stunning Gucci sneakers you can find at SSENSE are a good choice. SSENSE is an online retailer for luxury fashion items, and is an excellent place to check out the current lines from all of the best labels, like Givenchy, Balenciaga and Gucci.

They’ll Last Longer

Another reason to opt for higher end trainers over cheap versions, even if they have a similar looking design on the face of it, is that designer ones will be made to higher standards from better materials, and so are likely to last longer. Because trainers can take a lot of punishment, particularly if you wear them as your main type of shoe or actually use them for exercise, it can be a false economy to spend less on a pair that won’t last very long before falling apart or becoming ugly or uncomfortable.

They’re Safer for Activity

If you are buying trainers specifically for running, walking a lot or doing sport in, then it’s more than just a question of fashion. You absolutely need the right shoes for the type of activity you plan to do, to offer the protection and support you need. With expensive precision running shoes, you can be sure that you’ll be getting the best shock absorption and keeping your feet and joints from unnecessary strain while you run. You don’t have to get the professional grade ones, but do opt for a trusted brand so you know their designs live up to their claims about what kinds of sports their shoes are right for.

As you can, see, there are some good arguments for why you should consider treating yourself to some designer trainers!

Eye cream complex and lip treatment balm from Nakin : review

Nakin is a brand I really trust a brand that I have previously been gifted items of but then have gone on to buy them again and again because I love them so much. I have very kindly been sent their eye cream complex and lip treatment balm to try and I have been using them for the last few weeks. I wanted to let you know how I have been getting on with them and if they do what they say they will.

Lip treatment balm

I’m not normally one to put on lip balm. I don’t really know why as I do actually get dry cracked lips often. I normally just wait until they get too bad and start using a balm to try and sort my lips out.

Lip treatment balm

This lip balm however has made me a total convert to wearing a lip balm every day. It’s become part of my daily routine .

Like all Nakin products you really don’t need a lot of product . There products really do go far . So even though they are a higher price point than what I used to spend on these kind of products . They are so worth it and last so much longer I find.

Since using this balm I have found my lips to feel really hydrated and not sore at all. They haven’t split like they normally do and I think they look great.

Once you have applied the lip treatment balm onto your lips you will start to feel them tingle. It’s a gentle tingle but you can visibly see that your lips look fuller. The minty flavour to the balm makes it feel really refreshing.

Lip treatment balm

You simply apply the balm by placing a small amount onto your finger then rub over your lips. You could if you wanted to use a lip brush to apply . It’s really not needed though as the balm isn’t sticky and doesn’t leave any oily residue on your fingers.

The Lip balm treatment can be purchased from their website for £10

Eye cream complex

Bit of a running theme but I don’t really use eye creams . I have paid in the past for expensive eye creams but they have never worked . So it’s really put me off paying out again .

One of my main insecurities is the dark circles around my eyes, my eyes can be puffy and also sore . Which as a combination doesn’t make me feel very good about my self at times .

Using the eye cream complex

When I was offered the Nakin anti-ageing Eye cream complex . I headed straight to their website to see what it actually was . It states that ” our eye cream reduces the appearance of fine lines, puffy eyes and dark circle for soft smooth skin” now it sounds like this product was made for me.

How did I find Nakin’s anti ageing eye cream complex

I have Definitely found that my eyes are less sore and red . The fine lines around my eyes are looking smoother . The bags under my eyes are looking reduced but are still there . So I’m going to see if I use the product longer if it will also reduce this . I will update this post either way to let you know how I got on. Eye cream complex

The natural Anti-ageing Eye cream complex can be purchased from their website for £18.

One of the main reasons for why I love Nakin products is because they are.

How to use an Ikea spice rack to organise your child’s bedroom

Decorating a room can become expensive . Let alone adding all the finishing touches to make it look perfect . Here are 3 ways I used an Ikea spice rack in my daughters room. To add the finishing touches I wanted but on a budget.

Ikea spice rack hack

Ikea spice rack book shelf

Ava has a lot of books and has a book each night before she goes to bed. We didn’t really have anywhere nice to display some of her books. I started to look at book shelves but they were so expensive . Then came a search on Pinterest and I can across loads of pins about transforming Ikea spice racks to book shelves . So I thought I would give it ago.

I started by painting the spice racks in the same colours she had in her room. I did this before I assembled it so it wasn’t tricky to get into all the parts.

We used the same paint that we used on the walls . I didn’t sand them down as the wood took to the paint really well . This may be different depending on what paint you use. So it may be a good idea to do a test area first.

Painting up Ikea spice racks using wall paint

Then leave it to dry and assemble. Then simply hang it on the wall and display some books.

Ikea spice rack bookshelf

I personally love it and it makes a feature of her books rather than them being all over the place . She knows where to tidy them up also.

Dressing up

Ava’s at the age now where she is starting to love dressing up. But where do you keep dressing up outfits ? I hate the rails as they look so messy and end up being something you have to tidy up each day.

So I got another spice rack and again painted it in the colours we had used on the walls in Ava’s room.

This time before hanging  on the wall you will need to turn the brackets around on the back . As you want the rail along the bottom to hang things off.

Ikea spice rack wall attachment

Once this is done you can then attach it to the wall . This is so easily done. One tip I will give you that my dad told me is to . Place a piece of masking tape over the back so it goes over both screw holes . Then mark with pen where your screws will be . Then place this on the wall and make your wholes ontop of these marks. This way everything will line up perfectly without any stress.

Then it’s ready to hang their dressing up off and pop the acsessories on the top.

 dressing up storage

Desk tidy

Ava has the knuma huddle converted down into a desk and bench in her room. It’s become a bit of a dumping ground for pens and drawings. So I wanted to attach another spice rack to the walls to hold a pen holder. Giving her more space on her actuall desk.

This one you attach to the wall just to same as the book shelf.

desk tidy

So there you have it three really easy ways to use an Ikea spice rack to add finishing touching to a room. Saving you money and also requires minimal skill and effort.

I’m a lover of an Ikea hack so if you know of any please let me know in the comments.

Ikea spice rack hack storage for children bedroom cheap and easy to do  #ikeahack #ikeastorage #ikea #children’sbedroom #toddlerroom #bookshelf #DIY

House update three months in

This is a collaborative post

We have been in our house for nearly three months now and we have don’t what we have wanted to do in most of the rooms now . We were really lucky that the decor wasn’t actually too bad . We just needed to make it more our taste. We needed to make it more of a family home interiors more child friendly and fresh.

The first rooms we did was the kids . As anyone who has kids will know . Moving house is a big thing for them. The sooner you get things settled the better. So their rooms were our first on the jobs list.

Family home interiors

Alby’s room was really easy to transform as it was a blank canvas. We just painted one feature wall and hung these beautiful pictures from Rose End Creations. Alby’s room will have more of a transition when he gets bigger. Mainly because in Alby’s room he has the box to the stairs . So when he goes into a proper bed we are going to look to either get a bed made off the box. Or a wardrobe so we can give him some more space.

Ava’s room was the biggest job . Mainly because I had a vision and I wanted it to be perfect . Ava’s room very quickly became a nightmare. Not because of the design but because the walls were a nightmare. Paint would just roller back off it . We ended up scrapping all the paint off as it bubbled and went horrid . Then sanding it down to try again.

Thankfully it worked and I’m so happy with how it worked out.

Family home interiors

Downstairs there wasn’t a huge amount of work to do . The walls were mainly painted magnolia and not in that bag of condition. So to save some money and time we just decided to paint the chimney breasts. I think the colour of the chimney breasts is my favourite colour we have used . It just looks so fresh but homely and inviting.Family home interiors

We are now in the process of doing our own room . Were going for lilacs and grey keeping it again fresh looking and not too dark . We came from a very dark house so we are loving having a light and fresh looking colour scheme through the house.

We have some more projects we would like to do before the end of the year like paint the downstairs toilet and maybe the kitchen if I can convince Jordan.

I have found a new love for interior design mainly bringing the outdoors in with lots of plants everywhere. I’m currently on the hunt for a big seagrass basket to put a plant in in our front room.

I would also love to find a slim sideboard/ radiator cover for the hall way as I think it would make something more of the space . It’s the first thing people see when walking through the door . So I was it to look inviting like reception counters do in a fancy hotel. I’m just not sure if the radiator is too close to the front door to have a radiator cover . I think some googling radiator covers is needed.

I’m loving being creative with our house and step by step it’s getting to where I want it to be . Not that I’m wishing away the year but I cannot wait to get new Christmas bits to decorate the house with.

What family home interiors bloggers or instagram accounts do you follow . I would really love some inspiration.

Having a family home doesn’t mean it has to be all boring interiors . There is so much you can do and here are some easy family home interiors

Caravan checklist of things you may not of thought of

There is an affiliate link in this caravan checklist post.

A few months ago we went on our first family holiday to a caravan. I haven’t been on a caravan holiday since I was a child. I have such fond memories of caravan holidays. Spending time with my nan, aunty and cousin. So I was really excited to take my own children to a caravan and make happy memories like the ones I have.

Packing to take children away is a mammoth task. Especially with British weather you don’t know if it’s going to rain or be brilliant sunshine. So you end up taking the majority of your wardrobe just incase.

top ten caravan checklist

There are somethings I didn’t even think to pack that we really could of done with. So here is my caravan checklist of things you will need for a caravan holiday. Some really obvious things and some not so. Hopefully if your planning your first family caravan holiday then these things will help your holiday go smoothly.

  • Bin bags– This is one thing I didn’t think about at all. Having kids means that there is a lot of mess that needs to be cleaned away. With the communal bins being a short walk away bin bags are a must.
  • Cloths and sponges– We went out of season so the van we hired wasn’t being cleaned regularly it was up to the people that were renting it. Me being a bit of a clean freak wasn’t too keen on using cloths other people had been using. Mainly because I wasn’t sure how long they had been there unwashed and also what they had been used to clean up. Also a tea towel we didn’t take one with us and instead ended up using a beach towel. Which wasn’t ideal !
  • Keeping with cleaning some antibacterial spray. So you can give the surfaces a good clean over when you arrive, during your visit and also when your leaving. So it’s nice and clean for the next people. Along with Antibacterial spray something to clean the toilets for me is also a must.
  • Bedding- This time we took our own bed linen with us which was fine. Apart from the kids we took the ones out their bedrooms. As they have asthma and I worry about the duvets and pillows aggravating their breathing. However when we return in September we are going to take a sleeping back each. As they are easier to pack in the car and we know they are clean and fresh.
  • Toilet roll– There is nothing worse than reaching your caravan bursting for the toilet. To find out there is no toilet roll.
  • Washing up liquid– whether your just having the odd meal in the van or are planning on cooking the whole time. Washing up liquid will be needed. Items like this I tend to transfer into those empty bottles you get for shower gels. As they are less likely to leak in transit.
  • Packing cubes-To make packing the car up easier, dont bother using suitcases they take up far too much space. Opt for things like packing cubes they are more compact be sure to pack them like Marie Kondo so they don’t crease. Also suitcases take up too much space in the caravan. Which if you have ever been on a caravan holiday you will know space is precious.

  • Kitchen bits– Planning on having a drink then a bottle opener may be handy. Nothing worse than sitting down after a long day and not being able to open that drink your longing for. We also took with us cutlery for us and the kids as we weren’t sure how clean they would be. I have also seen some people online mention taking your own frying pan if your planning on making bacon sandwiches in the morning. As sometimes the ones in the caravan’s are not the best.
  • Tea, Coffee, sugar- If like me you need these to function in the morning then dont forget to pack them. I try and save up sachets of sugar from service stations as they come in handy.
  • Batteries– Most caravan’s nowadays have TV’s in them and you know the kids will want it on as soon as they walk in. So take some emergency batteries just incase they have run out in the remote.

I hope this caravan checklist has helped you. I have lots more things I could share with you so if you would like to know more about caravan holiday’s then let me know and I can pop them in another post.

Here is my caravan checklist for things that you wont think to take with you. #caravan #caravanholidays #ukholidays #familytime #familyholiday

Quadrilla marble run construction : music motion from Hape review

I remember so fondly as a child making marble runs . I don’t know what it is about it but it’s so satisfying. So when the lovely people over at Hape asked if I would like to try their Quadrilla Marble run construction music motion I was really excited to relive my childhood.

What’s in the box

  • 77 different pieces from tracks to wooden blocks that the marbles fall through onto the chimes.
  • 22 marbles . So plenty just incase some go missing

Quadrille marble run construction : music motion from Hape

Construction of the music motion from Hape

I will start by saying do not do this with a toddler around . You will get to the second to last piece and they will knock it over . Which is just so infuriating. Ava wasn’t too impressed either so we made sure we did it when Alby was having a nap . So the construction side of it didn’t take too long.

Quadrille marble run construction : music motion from Hape

The instructions that came in the box were really easy to follow . The pictures were really detailed. Even Ava at 3 1/2 was able to follow the pictures and help me put it all together .

Quadrille marble run construction : music motion from Hape

I also liked the fact that you could stray away from the instructions and still make a great marble run. That’s makes great tunes. The box actually shows pictures of three different runs you can make.

How we found the Hape music motion

Once Alby was safely off to bed and me and Ava got to building it . The end outcome was so worth it as the marbles dropped from each section they dropped onto a chime. Which made a sound. Send multiple marbles down and once and the chimes make a lovely sound . Which Ava just found so exciting.


I really liked the fact that the marbles came in a bag . Having a toddler in the house marbles are something that I don’t want all over the place . So Ava knows that once she has played with it the marbles have to go back into the bag.

It’s even won awards for educational toys for children . It allows children to develop spatial and reasoning abilities. It’s been designed to to engage kids in early STEM activities. As it encourages problem solving and keep children wanting to come back for more . Trying to figure out how it all works.

If you kids love this set . Then make sure to look at all the different add on sets you can purchase to keep them entertained for hours.

* we were gifted the Hape music motion set shown above for free . In return for an honest review.  All opinions are my own*

How to wean your toddler off the bottle easily

We are coming to the end of what seems like a life time of having bottles in our house. It’s not something that has happened over night. We have been doing small changes to get to the end goal of no bottles. I thought I would share with you what we have done. Just incase any of the things we have done will help you.

How to wean toddler from bottle

wean toddler from bottle

Dropping the nap time bottle

This was the first thing we did. I started to notice that Alby wasn’t really needing a bottle to go down for a nap. He was just messing around with it. Or throwing it around his cot until he fell asleep.

To be honest he didn’t even notice that I had taken it away. He went to sleep fine and didn’t cry out for milk.

Reduce the amount of milk

Alby used to go to sleep with a bottle. It was part of his bedtime routine, bath bottle bed. Over the last few months I noticed that he still had milk in his bottle when he woke in the morning. Or when I went to check on him in the night. So I started to reduce the amount of milk I put in his bottle. ounce at a time. He got used to having less milk in his bottle and as the weeks went on he was drinking less and less. Until he wasn’t really using it to settle himself at all.

He then started doing the same as he did with his naps. He would mess around with it. One of his favourite things to do was to Squeeze the teat so the milk went all over his bed .Or he would just simply throw it over the side of his cot. Which used to give me a heart attack. As I always thought it was him falling out his cot. Even though he did it every night.

Take them all away

We are now throwing all the bottles away . When I say throw I will probably take them to work for the children to use in the role play area. I just don’t want them in the house. You know what it’s like you have one bad night you give in give them the bottle and that’s it. They want a bottle more than ever and it’s 100 times harder to stop them having one.

The next thing to tackle will be the dummy but I’m not sure that will be as easy as the bottle. We are though starting to make small changes just like we did with the bottle. All this change does make me a little sad though. It makes me realise my baby is no longer a baby.

I hope this how to wean toddler from bottle helps you and it isnt too stressful for you.

In their little lives children reach a lot of big milestones. One of those being stopping having a bottle. Here is my how to wean toddler from bottle that's really simple and easy #weaning #bottle #weaningfrombottle #parenting #parentingadvise #tips #howtos

Am I working too many hours ?

For the last few months now I have been working more and more hours. I have gone back into nursery and I’m working longer hours than I have done since having children. The thing is it’s not just me doing more hours at nursery the children are too. We are up and out the house for 6.45 and dont get back in till half 5 some days.

The nursery I’m in is the one that Ava goes too so I see alot of her. Which has both it’s positive and negative points. Positives I get to see her and her friends play.I get to see things that I don’t normally see.On the other hand she never has time away from me. Time to explore her little world without her mommy next to her and that does worry me.

Hopefully I won’t be in nursery for much longer with her and i’m happy about that. Not becuase I don’t love being in nursery but because I do.She goes to school a year in September and I don’t want her to get used to always having me around. I don’t want it to cause her stress the thought of not being with me.

Am I missing out on their childhood by working too much

Also as much as I love my kids sometimes it’s nice to have time away from them. Which i’m just not getting at the moment. Work used to be a place of escape for me. A place where I wasn’t mommy I was Jess.So I am missing this alot.

Then I get struck with guilt that I’m spending all this time with Ava and not really seeing Alby. Alby is in nursery from 7.30-4.30/5 three days a week at the moment. Don’t get me wrong he loves nursery and has the best time there but mom guilt is one that hits us all.

Alby’s behaviour has changed so much over the last few months and I cannot help but think is this because of me working more. His hitting, smacking, throwing tantrums and not sleeping. Yes I know all of these are developmental things that children go through and it’s probably a coincidence but it just worries me.

Am I missing out on him by working too much

Not all his develpoment has been bad over the last few months though. He is talking loads so much more than Ava did at his age. He sings so many songs. His favourite being the theme tune to waffle the wonder dog. His a happy little chappy most the time and he can be really caring. Cuddles and kisses are his thing. Doesn’t matter how long he has known you for before you leave he has to give you a kiss.

I suppose as parents we probably all work too much.We want to do what’s best for our kids.I’m not going to lie to extra cash has been nice. I have had more finacial freedom. I have been able to treat them and pay for days out. Which I don’t normally have the money for. I have been stressing less about money and just enjoying the moment.

So Bomb DIY vanity case – review And giveaway

We were sent the So Bomb DIY vanity case for free in return for an honest review. All opinons are my own.

You may have seen that recently we reviewed the So Slime colour changing slime. We are back with you today with another product from this family which is the So Bomb DIY vanity case.

What’s in the So Bomb DIY vanity case

So Bomb DIY vanity case

In the case you will get

  • 5 different fragerence colours
  • 5 packs of bicarbonate of soda
  • 3 plastic moulds
  • 1 pack of sprinkles
  • 3 adorable figurines to hide in your bath bomb
  • 1 pipette
  • A set of stickers to decorate your case

What to do

making the bath bombs

You need to start by taking to coloured frangerence packets and pour them into a bowl. We did a bowl per colour so Ava could layer the different colours. Then using the pipette add some water to the coloured powder and mix it all in.

You then need to take the packet of soda making sure it has not lump in and pour it on top of the colour powder. Then mix them both togther so no white soda can be seen.

Bath bomb powders

You will then need to repeat this step for all the colours that you are wanting to use.

Then it’s time to load it into the the moulds. There are two side to the moulds so starting with A side we put some sprinkles in the layered the colours ontop. Then in the B mould fill it half way and then put in one of the three adorable figures. Then contiue to fill it to the top of the mould.

So Bomb DIY

Now comes the tricky bit

Now you need to put the A and B moulds together. Our first attempt was a bit of a flop. There was powder in the section where the two moulds connected with each other. Meaning they wouldn’t fit together. So we had to re do that one. But once I knew what needed to be done it did become easier and we made 3 bathbombs.

Time to leave them

Now you need to leabe them so they can harden in the moulds. We left ours for most of the day and only took them out when we was going to use one in the bath.

To my surprise they all actually worked. They stayed in shape and I was actually pretty impressed with how they looked.

So Bomb DIY

Now to try the bath bombs out

As Ava’s skin can be a little sensive we didnt use them in the bath straight away instead we let her play with one in the sink. To see if they would cause her skin to flare up. As of yet her her skin hasnt shown any signs of a reaction. However my hands did feel a littl sore afterwards. So I would just say be careful maybe test it out like we did before using them in the bath with your children.

Fizzing bath bomb

Our overall thoughts

Overall I think this is a really nice set. I enjoyed spending the time with Ava making the bath bombs and she really enojyed doing it. Even though actually getting the moulds together was a little tricky. They actually turned out really well. I would go as far and say they look like ones I have seen in the shops.

I love the fact it comes in a vanity case as it gives you something to store all the bits in when they are not being used.

Baby to love cubes

Baby to love my first learning cubes- Review

We were sent the my first learning cubes from baby to love for free. In return for an honest review. All opinions are my own.

Baby to love cubes

Both my kids love building blocks. It’s the first toy out the toy box in the morning and it’s something they will actually play nicely with together. The my first learning cubes from baby to love come in a pack of 12. They are not your usual vibrant in your face colours. They are beautiful pastel colours. Which I really love.

Baby to love soft learning bricks

These are not just your normal building cubes. They have different textures on them,shapes,numbers and animals. Which I think are just so cute they really add to the learning experience that you can have with these building blocks. The blocks join together by fitting the shapes in the correct cut out. Which Ava really enjoyed exploring. The shapes are not just your normal shapes like square, circle etc. so it opened Ava to new shapes and their names.

Baby to love cubes

Along with the interlocking shapes the cubes fit in number order which is great for children who are learning numbers. These cubes dont have to just be used to make structures or towers . They can be used to make a long number line.

As these cubes are made for babies from 6 months plus they are really easy to grasp. They are made from a really soft material that it easy to clean. Which is great for us as Alby is teething at the moment so everything is covered in dribble. I simply used some Milton wipes to clean them over and they look as good as new. Also as we now have a big garden for the children to play in these cubes are a great toy to play with outside. As they can be wiped clean really easily.

Baby to love isnt a brand I have come across before but looking over their website I can see they do so many cute products. From teething toys to musical night lights. So I will be looking at their products the next time I need something for a baby/ toddler.

A different way to adverise your business

A different way to advertise your brand- USB makers – Review

We were sent some branded USB’s from the USB makers for free in return for this post. All opinions are my own.

Getting your brand or business out there is hard . Advertising can be an expensive game and in my day job of nursery marketing manager . I have had first hand experience with how the smallest of advertising ideas can end up costing a lot of money. Money that a lot of small companies don’t have spare to spend .

Recently USB makers got in contact with me and was shared with me the different ways they can add your logo to a variety of different USB’s . Now this isn’t something I had seen before so it got me intrigued . I know a lot of people save things to clouds nowadays but sometime it is handy to have a USB.

A different way to adverise your business

So we got chatting about the different styles they had on offer . The one that stick out to me was the slim card. It perfectly fits in my purse . So I won’t forget it and would be great to hand out to people as a marketing strategy. Something they may keep in their wallet or purse just incase. But then every time they open their purse they will see my branding .

Advertising your business

So they very kindly put my blog logo onto their slim card usb. I am over joyed with how they have come out. They look so professional and they also offer a 24 hour express service which is perfect if your a last minute person like me.

The whole process from designing to delivery was really simple. Their website is so easy to navigate through and they were delivered as promised in 24 hours.

So if your looking for a different way to get your brand or business out their I would definitely say give this some thought.

They very kindly sent me multiple branded USB’s so im going to be putting my most current blog stats and work with me document onto it. So I can share them with brands when I next go to a blogging conference.

At what age should children have a mobile phone?

This is a collaborative post

The world is a different place than what it was when I was younger. To have a mobile phone meant that your parents had a good amount of money. They didn’t have colour screens to start with and once your credit was gone that was it. Nowadays it seems like children are having phone younger and younger not just any phone but the latest models.

I see children I would guess at saying 14 years of age that have a better phones than me. They are glued to their phones whilst out at family meals and only put it down to eat. Which I personally think is such a shame to see. It does make you wonder if it’s our fault ( parents) that our children are like this. I am guilty of giving Ava my phone in a restaurant when the wait has been too long. So she can watch YouTube instead of getting rowdy. Are we teaching children these unhealthy habits from a young age? That by the looks of it gets worse as they get older.

At what age should children have a phone ?

I had my first phone when I was in year 6 . Mainly because I had to walk home alone from school and it was only really used in emergencies. I didn’t really text anyone on it. It just stayed in my bag. Then as I made my way through high school the pressure to have the newest phone was immense and something which really caused me so much stress.

Many of the popular apps that are used everyday actually have age restrictions on do you know what they are? I know I didn’t here are some of them.

  • YouTube – Age 13+
  • TikTok- Age 13+
  • Instagram- Age 13+
  • Twitter- Age 13+
  • Kik- Age 13+
  • WhatsApp- Age 16+
  • Snapchat- Age 13+
  • Facebook- Age 13+
At what age should children have a phone ?

I was actually pretty shocked to see that the age restriction on many of these apps was 13 years. When I think about what goes on Instagram and Facebook with trolling it worries me a little. Are children at the age of 13 wise enough to deal with it. Many of these platforms are know to be places where children are groomed. These apps are easily downloaded with a tap of a button. So I think you need to take into consideration if your child is mentally mature enough to use these app even if they are at the correct age.

I think we as parents need to talk more to our children about how to be safe on the internet and what is acceptable behaviour on the internet. To safeguard them as lets face it as soon as they get a phone they are going to want to download these sorts of apps. So This may be a factor in when you think your child is old enough to have a phone.

I think we need to ensure that we teach children skills away from having a phone that can keep them safe. Start simple like dont speak to strangers. I remember now my mom saying to me when I walked home from school I had to take the route they had planned for me and I wasn’t too stray from it . If something did happen I was to take an emergency planned route. So if I wasn’t home by a certain time they would know where to look.

So what age do you think is the right ? Or do you think there is no right age it just depends on the child ?

If you are wanting to find out more information on all things online saftey then I recommend heading over to the National online saftey Facebook page.

our new garden in our new home

Moving into our new home

We have been in our new house just over two weeks now and we couldn’t be happier . Our family life has just been running so much more smoothly the kids are happy and settled and I just love our new home.

Our old house did us good we were there for 5 years . In that time we had two dogs two children and it held a lot of happy memories. There was nothing wrong with our old house we just out grew it . Kids have a lot of things and new houses are known for not having a lot of storage space . So more space was needed.

Our new house has so much storage it’s amazing . The kitchen space is what I always dreamed of . We have so many cupboard with a lot of them not even half full . I don’t have to juggle stuff around just to get a plate out !

The Kitchen in our new home

We have two downstairs cupboard ones for shoes and one for coats which is just a dream. I can actually go into the shoe cupboard and find what it is I want straight away ! Without having to empty the cupboard to find the shoes I want.

We have a garage which for anyone that knows me will know how much this excites me . Not because I want to put a car in it but because for the last 3/4 years I have lived with a bike in my downstairs cupboard . Which infuriated me but there was nowhere else for it . Now I don’t have to see that goddam bike anymore and Ava’s bike doesn’t have to live in my kitchen !!

The best thing about the house has got to be the garden . The children have space to run around and have fun . We even have a veggie patch at the bottom of the garden which me and Ava have planted some seeds in . Which she is so excited about . I’m just hoping something grows as she will be very sad if it doesn’t.

I’m having to actually do gardening which if i’m honest I’m actually enjoying and I can see why people do it. I find it kind of relaxing even if I dont know the different between what a weed and a plant is. If it looks pretty and has flowers on it’s a flower in my books. Anything else gets pulled out.

The garden in our new house

The Kids bedrooms are nearly done , we just have a few pictures and finishing touches to do. I am in love with Ava’s bedroom. It’s the one room I have been thinking about since we knew we were moving.

Ava you see didn’t really have a bedroom decorated for her at our old house. When we knew Alby was coming. she moved into what we used to use as our upstairs play room. We didn’t decorate as we knew we were moving. So I was so excited for her to have a fully decorated room just for her. Ava helped with all the decisions from colours to accessories. She loved being apart of the process and I’m hoping the colour scheme we went with will last her for a long time.

3 year olds bedroom

The one room in our house that we are yet to touch which we are wanting to do is our bedroom. We moved from a house with built in wardrobes to a house with none. So we are still living out of boxes until the wardrobes we have ordered arrive. Which hopefully is Wednesday along with a few new bits of furniture for the front room.

I didn’t think I would be so excited about getting wardrobes. But for the last two and half weeks we have been digging through boxes just to find a top. Which then is creased to hell and it’s starting to stress me out. Our room is a mess and it really doesnt do my need for everything to be beat and tidy very well.

Moving day to our new home

The whole moving process was so much less stressful that I actually imaged it would be. We packed in little spurts so we didn’t do it all at once.Which meant it wasn’t stressful at all. We just packed stuff away as we didn’t need them.

My mom had the kids on moving day so I didn’t have to think about them which was amazing. We did however make sure that Ava saw the removal van come and put some of her things in the van. So she could actually see that all her stuff was going to the new house. We have been talking about moving for such a long time but I didn’t know if she actually got it. So I think seeing this made it nire real to her.

As soon as she got to the new house she got it. All her things were in her new room and it hasn’t caused her any stress or upset. If anything she has taken really well to the move. She’s been sleepling better and generally her and Alby have been better behaved. I think having the extra space as meant they can have their own space to pay and explore and not be on top of each other.

Alby is just Alby takes everything in his stride so I knew a house move wouldn’t bother him which it hasn’t. His had a few broken nights but I think this is down to teeth not moving house. Alby is loving the garden the most I think.He never wants to come in and goes to the back door as soon as we come down in the morning.

The last thing that I think made for an easy move was the removal company. They were amazing, really nice people and didn’t charge over the odds. They did such a quick and professional job and I just knew instantly I could trust them with all my belongings. If your in the Wolverhampton area and thinking of moving I would defiantly recommend giving Ace Removals a call.

So that’s a little update for you . I am planning on doing a little house tour as I know some people over on Instagram said they would like one. So When were all sorted and have been on holiday I will do this.

mobile phone

How We Used Comparison Sites to Choose the Best Mobile Tariff for Us

This is a collaborative post

With thousands of offers to be had across a vast multitude of websites, finding the right phone contract has become a monumental task. We wanted to make sure we were paying the right price for both the handset and the amount of calls, texts and data we needed, so we used comparison sites to find the very best deal for us. 

In the process we discovered comparison sites are awesome, showing us deals we would have never found on our own. Some sites even offer rewards if you buy through them, so even if saving money wasn’t benefit enough, rewards should sweeten the deal.  

Today I thought I’d share what I learnt using comparison sites, so you too can make big savings!  

How We Used Comparison Sites to Choose the Best Mobile Tariff for Us

Should you use a comparison site? 

The short answer is yes. The long answer is still yes, but I’ll explain why.  

Using comparison sites helps you cut the cost of your bills or find the product you need without trawling through endless websites. By providing an overview of everything on offer, you get a really good idea of what you should be paying for particular products.  

In addition, some deals are only available through comparison sites so you miss out on these if you don’t use them. And as mentioned above, some sites offer rewards such as cashback, two for one cinema tickets, or even cuddly toys.  

You can use the site itself to switch, or you can contact the supplier directly. But note that you won’t be eligible to receive exclusive deals or rewards if you do go it alone. 

How to use a price comparison site for my mobile phone tariff

Using a price comparison site to find your next mobile phone contract really couldn’t be easier.  

You will need to provide some personal details so the site can return the right offers. It’s important to be as accurate as possible; otherwise you may find the quotes change later down the line. Any personal details you provide should be protected under GDPR regulations, but always make sure you use a reputable site. If in doubt, don’t hand over any information.  

Once you’ve provided your information the site will return your results. You’ll have a list of providers to scroll through with unique offers from each. Then it’s just a case of finding those that interest you, comparing them to each other and picking the one you like best!  

On many sites you can buy the offer right there and then, while others just provide a link or phone number to the supplier and you need to contact them directly 

Use multiple comparison tools 

Never use just one comparison site. Each one has their own selection of service providers and you could miss out on a better deal elsewhere if you limit yourself. No one website contains every single deal on the internet, and as mentioned above, some even have a few exclusives. It may take a bit more work but you’ll save even more money in the long run if you use multiple sites. 

I’ve made it easier for you by compiling some of the best comparison sites for mobile phones.  

The first two are actually accredited by Ofcom so you can really trust their service. These sites will even analyse your phone bills to provide you with an overview of your average usage. They will then suggest deals based on your usage.  

Billmonitor is the first. This is a very popular tool with those looking to make some serious savings. It’s not the most user-friendly but it’s highly accurate and the bill analysis is very useful. This site is not free to use if you buy through them as they charge a percentage of your saving.  

Ctrlio is the second. This completely free to use tool will let you know when deals at your usage become available. You can set this reminder to come in monthly, or just at the end of your contract. 

The next two comparison sites aren’t Ofcom accredited but are well-trusted.  

Tiger Mobiles is dedicated to helping you find the right phone at the right place. Although not Ofcom regulated it does meet strict Ofcom guidelines. Tiger Mobiles displays your best offers, and then you go directly to the retailer’s website to make your purchase.  

Money Supermarket is a great general use comparison site. You can compare both monthly and SIM-only contracts, and you can find deals on the top handsets.  

So there you have it, my tips for using comparison sites. I hope you found this information useful and your future is full of brilliant savings!  

so slime DIY

So Slime DIY colour change slime shakers: Review

We were sent the So Slime DIY colour change slime shakers for free in return for an honest review. All opinions are my own

Slime is just one of those things that kids love. They love to get all messy and cover everything in sight with slime. A while ago now we reviewed the So slime DIY case which Ava absolutely loved. This time we have very kindly been sent the colour changing Slime. Which Ava was over the moon about especially as it has little unicorn toys inside.

So Slime DIY colour change slime shakers

Just like the other Slime Kits from So slime. This slime is really easy to make and takes around 5 minutes to do. You simply open the pot and inside is a silver package with everything you need to make your slime.

You start by putting the coloured powder and the glitter/ confetti into the pot.

Easy to make slime with SO slime DIY

Then you need to add some water. I like the fact that it just says fill to the line. Which was really clear to see so Ava was able to do the whole thing herself. Which she loved she is such an independent little thing.

just ass water to make Slime

Once filled up to the lined you just need to shake it . You will start to hear the mixture change consistency as you shake it once it sounds more solid/ gloopy you have shaken it enough. Then leave it for around 5 minites for the mixture to fully turn into slime.

From previous experience we have learnt it is important to leave it for the 5 minuites. As if you go and open it too soon the slime isnt yet fully formed and can be more of a runny consistency. Which is just no fun at all, especially when your having to clean us gooey glitter off the table top.

So Slime DIY colour change slime

After the 5 minuites have passed the slime will be ready to play with. Ava got stuck straight in hiding her unicorn in the middle of the slime. Getting her hands right into the pots.

So Slime DIY colour change slime

We then went about mixing the colours. Now if im honest this was the thing I was most intruiged about.We got the slime from the blue and the purple pots and started to mix them together. Slowly but surely the slime started to turn pink.

How to clean up the slime

So Slime is so easy to clean up. I find it best to get some hot soapy water in a small bowl. Then using a cloth I pop it in the hot soapy water and then wipe over the table. The slime comes away really easily and doesnt leave any marks or sticky residue. I will say the sooner you clean it up the easier it is to clean.

The only mess that we did have from using the So Slime was the glitter and confetti. As a lot of it missed the tubs when Ava tried to pour it out the packets. It would have been easier if the packets were more of a cylinder shape but its no issue.

So Slime DIY colour change slime shaker

Once your little one is finished exploring their slime. You simply pop it back into the pots ready to enjoy another day. The air tight pots keep the slime good to play with for a good while. Just keep in mind to check it before your child uses it as after some time they do go a little funny and not that nice to play with.

You can purchase the So Slime DIY colour change set from most toys shops and also Amazon for around £12

How to teach money skills to children

How to teach money skills to children

We have been making more of an effort recently to ensure that Ava doesn’t think that money grows on trees. I want her to understand that money has to be earned and once its gone its gone. I will hold my hands up and say I spoil my children but they do know that when I say no to something it means no. Ava being older doesnt kick off she knows that I may not be able to get her something at that moment in time but when I have the money she can have a treat. So this is how to teach money skills to children. The skills you give them now will see them thought their life.

teaching children the importance of money

I dont know about you but more and more I use my card. I very rarely have cash on me. Which when your trying to teach your children about money isn’t really that good. As they need to see the money physically. This is the reason why we have started to give Ava some pocket money. She is still only little so at the moment she doesnt have to earn it by doing do chores but she does know that if she is good and were going somewhere we will give her some spending money.

She has her own my little pony purse that is always in my bag. So when we go to places she uses the money from there to get herself something. It’s important for children to see that the money goes once you have spent it.

Recently we went on a trip to the farm. We told her that if she was good and listened to us around the farm that she could have two pound to put in her purse to use at the gift shop.

She kept to her side of the deal and was so good. She even did something I didn’t think she would do and fed the baby lambs. This may seem like nothing but Ava normally crumbles in situations like this and says she doesnt want to do it. When in fact I can tell she really does want to she just lacks confidence.

So we went to the gift shop and she had her two pound to spend. First of all she picked something up that was £4. I explained to her that she didn’t have enough to pay for it as four was a bigger number than two. She was able to understand this and put it back and looked at what else there was. She then saw a pencil and a pad and asked if she could get it. Which she did have enough money for so she was able to get it. Watching the joy on her face paying for her things with her own money is just amazing.

Since doing this I have noticed her attitude to money change. She is thinking more about how much things are going to cost me . I know she is only three and she doesnt understand it fully but surely putting these foundations in from a young age can only be a positive right ?

The other day we went to our local toddler group which costs me £1.60. In the car I said to Ava that I needed to go to the cash point and get some money as I didn’t have any. She said to me ” Ava got money in mommy’s bag” so I asked her if I could use her money to which she replied ” yes Ava pay , If I good girl and tidy up I can get more money it’s okay mommy” . So Yes I used her money she understood that she could earn more money soon and that she wanted to go to playgroup so she could pay with her money. At this point I dont think I have ever been more proud of her at how grown up she was being.

In the future I am going to ensure that she has things to do to earn her money like.

  • Making her bed
  • Tidying away her clothes
  • Doing her homework
  • Helping set the table
  • Tidy away after meal times

The most important thing when teaching children about the importance of money is communication. Make sure they understand what it is your trying to teach them. For instance I make a point of saying to Ava. If I buy her this chocolate bar now she wont be able to have something when we go soft play later. Even at the age of three I can see her weighing up which one she wants.

I also think one of the biggest things children have to learn when it comes to money is that not. Everyone is in the same position as they are. This can be taught really easily . By going through their toys and explaining that they have lots of toys but there are some children that dont have lots of toys. So shall we send some toys to those children. We do this quite often as I think this is an important lesson to teach.

The biggest part of teaching children about money is to make sure that your a positive role model. So when you go on a big spending spree, then take them here there and everywhere they may think that money is not a problem that’s its an unlimited resource. Just make sure you explain that this money was earned and what you had to do for it. But once it’s gone it’s gone and it then means that there wont be all these treats and nice days out.

I’m just hoping that I can start her off on the right path. One where she has good money skills and wont get into a mountain of debt.

How to teach money skills to children. Start young and it will make it easier for them when they become an adult.

How to teach money skills to children the easy way. Start as you mean to go on. Providing them with skills for life. #lifeskills #money #moneyskills #teachingchildrenaboutmoney #lifelesson #eyfs
making money online

4 best online survey sites to earn money

This is a Collaborative post

Wouldn’t it be easier on our wallets to just take a couple of online surveys and earn some extra cash on the side? Of course, it would. Not only is it a pretty simple gig to approach, but it’s also quite fun.

Let’s dispel the rumors about online surveys being a scam by saying they’re not. However, that also depends on which paid online survey sites you’re visiting. With this in mind, you’ll have access to the most legal way to earn some extra dough with relatively less effort.

To ensure that you’re not being taken for a ride, we’ve prepared a list of some of the finest paid online survey sites that are not only legit but also pay very well.

  1. Survey Junkie
Online survey sites

Survey Junkie is one of the best online survey sites out there today. We say one of the best because it has over 10 million members and because it’s easier to get used to.

What’s actually interesting about SJ is that it doesn’t come with any special requirements for users to fulfill or even install anything.

All you have to do is answer some rather easy questions and presto! Instant moolah! And the more interesting aspect of the site is that the site always adds new surveys every day.

  1. WalgreensListens
Online Survey sites

Walgreens is mostly known for its pharmaceutical products but also operates an online survey site known as WalgreensListens Survey. Upon answering a bunch of rather easy questions, customers are offered a chance to enter the monthly sweepstakes and possibly win $3,000.

The aim of the survey is to get better items at Walgreens. Even though Walgreens’ customer service is top-notch, they feel that there’s always room for improvement.

  1. Swagbucks
Online survey sites

Swagbucks is another popular and trusted online survey site. It has an A- score from the Better Business Bureau and a great 8/10 score from Trust Pilot.

This site is a treasure for those who get bored with their office work and wants some quick and easy greens.

Here’s how it works; when you create an account on Swagbucks, you’ll need to enter some personal information such as age, interests, income, and address among other details. You’ll be provided surveys based on the information you give to the site.

Each survey you take, lets you earn some Swagbucks or SBs. You can then have them converted into cash or gift cards at your favorite retailer at either Target, Amazon or Walmart.

Also, there’s a $10 welcome bonus when you sign up for a Swagbucks account, which is absolutely free.

  1. Vindale Research
Online survey sites

Vindale Research is another legitimate paid online survey site that holds a 4-star rating from Trust Pilot. As of this writing, users from around the world have earned over $7 million.

What makes it fascinating is that VR is hired by brands that you know and buy products from, in order to gather customer insight. As a result, they use the answers for the questions you send to VR and improve their products, services and marketing efforts. So you get paid and they improve their products. Talk about an ideal win-win situation huh?

You earn start earning with two simple steps:

  1. Take Paid Surveys

All you have to do is input demographic information about yourself so that Vindale Research can match you to appropriate paid surveys. You can either browse around the website for surveys or have VR email you whenever a new survey comes up.

  1. Get Redeemed by Check or PayPal

You can request payment either directly through PayPal or have VR sent you a personal check via postal mail.

The Merry Hill Pub and Grill Wolverhampton

The Merry Hill pub and grill Wolverhampton: review

We were very kindly gifted a family meal for free at the Merry Hill pub and grill in Wolverhampton. In return for an honest review . All opinions are my own.

On entering the pub I will say I was a little concerned with how our experience was going to be. As many of the windows to the main door and enternace area had been smashed. It didn’t fill me with confidence that this was a pub that I would want to take my family to. However we did go in as we thought we would give the pub the benefit of the doubt. As this may of been something completely innocent that happened for the reason why the windows had been smashed. Like they say never judge a book by it’s cover.

The Merry Hill Pub and Grill

We went straight to the bar and was greeted by a welcoming member of the team. Who then showed us to our table. We were taken through the main pub into what they call a community room.

The Community room of the Merry Hill Pub and Grill

It’s like a pivate little room set up with tables that had been reserved. For us this room was lovely as it was away from the main hussle and bussle of the pub.

Menu choices at the Merry Hill pub and Grill

Looking at the menu I was really surpised with the wide range of different options there were. From light bites and sandwiches to meals to fill to hungriest of tummies. The children’s menu also really impressed me . What I liked the most was that the menu was split into different ages with different options on. Which was perfect for mine as it meant to portion that came for them was perfect for their age. I can also see that this is really great for older children as they can have a bigger portion and a wider variety of meals to pick from. Like a lot of family pubs the childrens meals came as a meal deal so a drink,main meal and a pudding for one price. Which Ava was excited about especially as they had a chocolate cookie on the puddings. Is is just our family who has to take a look at the puddings even before they have eaten their mains ?

A member of the management team then came to take our order. He then told us that some of the meals weren’t avalible due to them changing the menus next week. Thankfully everthing we had chosen for our mains was avalible so it didn’t make any difference to us. They did however tell us when our meals came that they didn’t have enough sirlon steaks so they had upgraded our steaks. Which me and Jordan were very happy about.

Mains meals

Our meals came and I was so impressed. The presentation of them was really good for a family pub. My first impressions were really good. Both mine and Jordans plates were full to the brim of what looked like really yummy foods. The children’s food was a really good portion size and looked as equally yummy as ours did. Alby literally couldn’t wait to try his nearly pulling it off the table when I was trying to get it ready for him. Kids aren’t very good waiting are they. They see food and need it no matter how hot it is.

Children's fish fingers, chips and peas

Both kids really loved their food. Ava who never usally finishes a meal did really well. The fish in her fish fingers was white a flaky and peas were full of flavour.

Children's chips and peas

Albys pasta he literally inhaled it .

Alby enjoying his pasta and side salad at the Merry Hill pub

The sauce was really flavoursome and I really liked the side salad option as a side. As this is something I dont generally see as an option on children’s menus. It was also nice to see a dish that didn’t come with chips. As Alby isnt a chip lover so having different options was really nice to see.

Pasta and Side salad

Both me and Jordan went for a loaded black and blue sirloin steak Which had been upgraded to a Rib-Eye It tasted just as good as the write up made it to sound like. I dont generally go for things on sizzler plates but this one didn’t disappoint. The only thing I would say is there was a lot on the sizzler which did make it hard to eat. So maybe a side dish would of made a nice addition. Although I didn’t ask for one so they may of brought one if I asked.

Black and Blue loaded steak

Pudding time !

Then it came to pudding time Ava was excited about her choclate cookie . The gentleman cleared the table and said he would be back to take our order. Sadly when he took our order every pudding we had chosen wasn’t avalible. Ava was a little upset about this but was soon brought round by the thought of a create your own icecream sunday with chocolate buttons.

The puddings came and although I was a little gutted the waffle I wanted wasn’t avalible. The chocolate brownie I chose did look good. Although I was a little jealous of the pudding Alby had. It looked like sponge chocolate goodness.

Albys eyes literally lit up when he saw it. Once he got eating it he Just reminded me of Bruce from Matilda. Chocolate cake around his mouth, gave up on a spoon as his hands got it in faster.

Chocolate pudding from the childrens menu

Ava was just as excited with her pudding thankfully . Chocolate sauce,chocolate button, ice cream with strawberrys and honeycomb what more could a three year old want.

Icecream sunday

Both myself and Jordan had the chocolate brownie which came with Icecream. If you like a rich chocolate brownie then this is the pudding for you. I wasn’t able to eat it all as it was really rich but the half I did eat was really tasty. Jordan like always cleared his plate.

Choclate brownie

Our overall thoughts of the Merry Hill Pub and Grill

Overall I was really impressed with the food at the Merry Hill Pub and Grill. I was really glad that we gave it a chance and didn’t walk away. The food was fresh and full of flavour and was presented really nicely.

The toilet faciclites could do with a little TLC. Some of the doors didn’t have locks on and I’m not sure when some of them last had a good clean. Which was sad to see. As the main pub it self and the community room that we were in were really clean and presentable.

Although the pudding we originally wanted weren’t avalibe the ones we did have were really yummy. Ava keeps telling everyone about her icecream at the pub.

If your looking for a reasonable priced/ cheap meal out but still want to have fresh and good qulity food then this is a great choice of pub to go to. The staff are really lovely and welcoming which in my opionin is really important. There is nothing worse than looking at the staff and being able to tell that they wished they weren’t at work.