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    A Round up of Cosy Angel products from bibs to door locks

    Today I have got some fantastic products to share with you . We have been sent a bundles of Cosy Angel products which we have been trying out over the last few weeks. Take a look below to see what we have been trying out and what we thought of them. Cosy Angel comfortable and soft touch waterproof silicone bibs The cosy Angel silicone bib is made from 100% food grade soft silicone and are free from harmful toxins . Making them perfect for little ones at meal times. They are also an FDA approved product and are also BPA free. The bibs come in a pack of two in…

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    Mess free creativity with little Brian’s chalk and paint sticks: review

    For the last 6 months I have noticed more and more that Ava is loving crafting . She will sit at her desk In the front room for ages creating things. Which is fine with me as I actually enjoy doing crafting with her . I don’t really worry about the mess too much . Sometimes though I need something I can pack away quickly that Isn’t too messy . This is where paint and chalk sticks come in. Paint sticks are like nothing I have ever used before . Think of painting with a glue stick . It’s that kind of soft gliding sensation when your painting on the…

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    Our awful experience with Purplebricks estate agents

    We put our house on the market with Purplebricks nearly a year ago .One of their advisors came out to our house went through all the paper work. Talked over the payment details arrange to come out to take photos and that was it. If you’re wanting an estate agent that helps you through the whole buying and selling process then don’t pick Purplebricks. For a long time nothing really happened we didn’t have anyone book to view our house and had no communication with our advisor . At the time we were fine with that as I had just had Alby and didn’t really want to think about it…

  • creative fun with Stabilo

    Getting creative with Stabilo : Round up

    You have probably guessed by now that we like to get crafty. Everyday Ava asks to get her pens out and do some drawing. She will sit for ages in complete silence and create a masterpiece. The lovely people over at Stabilo have sent us some of their products for Ava to try out. The first product that caught my eye was their Cappi 12 fibre tip pens. Ava uses felt tips all the time. She isn’t the best at keeping the pen on the paper sometimes she does draw on her hands. Why do kids do this ! She will do it and then come over to me and…

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    Our friendly robot robocup and how you can make him

    A few weeks ago now our Bostik blogger box came through the door . I checked to see what the theme this month was and saw it was Robots . Now this is something Ava has no knowledge of . I don’t know why but we have never really talked or seen robots . So before deciding on what we were going to make . I looked into robots to show her what they were . We watched some YouTube videos, looked at books and also watched Justin’s house . Now if you have a small child you will know about justin’s house and his friendly robot Robert. Now she…

  • Removing stains with Ace

    Removing tricky stains with Ace

    Since both my kids have started nursery I feel like I’m constantly getting stains out of their clothes. What makes this harder is the fact that the stains sits on their clothes all day.Until I get home and try to get it out. Does anyone else get nappy bags full of dirty clothes or just me ? A sign of a good day I suppose ! I don’t mind at all that their clothes come home dirty because let’s face it kids get messy . I just didn’t notice it as much before they went to nursery. Mainly because I would try to get the stain out as soon as…

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    Safety 1st Anti-slip bath pads : review

    Bath times are crazy in our house . Two kids and one bath makes for a lot of splashing . Up until recently Alby was still in a bath seat . Mainly because I was scared to take him out of it as his always climbing . We didn’t have anything on the bottom of the bath to stop him from slipping. Then the lovely people over at Safety 1st asked me if I would like to review their bath pads. After reading about the bath pads I was intrigued to see if they would calm my worries. The bath pads are like nothing I have seen before . They…

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    Never Mind The Baby – How To Get YOU Into A Routine After Birth

    This is a collaborative post There is one article that just doesn’t come up enough when it comes to having a new baby, and it’s about how a new mother can find a routine for herself. There’s a reason that they call childbirth ‘labour’ and that’s because of how tough it is to bring a human to the world. You will be bombarded with articles telling you how to get your newborn into a routine, how to manage with the routine of breastfeeding and night feeds. You’ll even have articles telling you how to slim down after your body has bloomed in pregnancy and changed afterwards – insert eyeroll here.…

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    Going back to work has made me a better parent

    I can honestly say I’m a much better parent now my kids are at nursery . Near the end of my maternity leave I was finding it hard . Constantly having children around me and having little sleep because Alby still like to wake up in the night . Was making me ratty. Which most of the time resulted in me shouting at the kids. Afterwards I would feel awful about it. I don’t particularly think shouting is needed when it comes to managing your children’s behaviour . So it does pain me that I was going down a route where I would turn to shouting at them . I…

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    Why I’m stopping at two

    Having children is bloody hard , even if your one of those carefree parents from time to time it’s got to be stressful. As soon as I had Alby I had people asking me if I was having anymore . This time I felt so different I knew I was done after two . I didn’t and still don’t now feel like I want any more children. I have found going from one to two harder than I expected. Ava still wants all the attention and finds it hard at times when she doesn’t get it. This normally results in a temper tantrum . Which I completely understand why she…

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    Making sure your little ones are safe when going from A to B

    This is a collaborative post  When we first have a child.We tend to want to keep them indoors for a little while, as we recover from giving birth and allow them to get used to their home surroundings. But there’s nothing to say that you shouldn’t take a newborn outdoors. In fact, it is generally acknowledged that a short stroll can be good for both mom and baby! Then there are going to be all sorts of chores that you need to get done and people who you are going to want to visit as time goes by. So, here’s everything that you need to know about getting your baby…

  • BabyLed Spreads

    BabyLeds Spreads : review

    I have recently found myself getting in a bit of a rut with the food I’m feeding Alby. This is mainly because Ava is such a fussy eater so I tend to cook things I know she will eat. Being back at work means I’m tired of an evening and if I can prevent a toddler meltdown over food then I will. However this has started to really impact on what Alby is eating as I just tend to cook him the same meals as Ava is having. I know, I know I should really be trying to make her eat a variety of different food buts it’s hard. If…

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    5 things to do and see in Wales

    This is a collaborative post  It’s cold and it’s horrible outside. So I thought I would start to look at holidays we could go on or long weekends away we could do next year. Money will probably be a little tight for us next year . As we’re hoping to move that’s if anyone buys our house ! That’s a post for another day it’s been a very stressful time. Having two kids when thinking about going away in the U.K. there are  few things come we need It needs to be not too far away from home. The thought of having the kids in the car for hours on…

  • Why it's important to teach our children road safety
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    Why it’s important to teach our children road safety

    This is a sponsored post You may have seen that recently I returned to work . So three days a week I’m going to and from work where I pass by many schools . I have been surprised by the amount of children that aren’t being safe by the roads. I think we need to do more to educate them about road safety and why it’s so important. The thing we all need to remember is that children learn a lot by watching what we do. This is the same with road safety . On a few occasions I have seen adults with children crossing the roads when it’s not…

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    Using B-sensible sheets when taking away the night time nappy with my toddler

    A couple of months ago now we started potty training with Ava. It has gone so well. I think in the last two months we have only had maybe 2 accidents. I started to notice that her night-time nappies were dry when she woke up in the morning. She also started to ask for a wee as soon as she woke in the morning. So I started to think about not using a nappy on a night-time. The lovely people over a B-sensible have sent us a waterproof fitted sheet and two waterproof pillow cases to try . I’m going to be honest when they said waterproof bedding all I…

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    My top 4 ways to save money when hosting a Christmas party

    This is a sponsored post  I know its only September but Christmas will soon be here. Being organised and getting things ready now will not only save money but also a lot of stress. Over the Christmas period there are lots of parties going on or family get togethers. These get togethers are lovely but they can become so expensive especially if your the one hosting. I thought it might be helpful if I shared with the my top 4 ways to save money when hosting a Christmas party. Bring a bottle Buying achole for a party can become so expensive. So make sure that if people want to drink…

  • Alphabet space rocket

    Alphabet space rocket for learning to spell your name

    I’m back again with another Bostik blogger craft post . This months theme is space . Whenever I do activities with Ava I like to make sure it’s something she will enjoy and also something educational for her . You may have seen that last week Ava went back to nursery . This time she has gone to a pre school which is completely different to the baby nursery she went to . She’s now at an age where she needs to learn thing like colours,shapes and numbers . I have noticed over the past week taking her to nursery that she doesn’t say her own name . If I…

  • Baby Art

    creating beautiful imprints with Baby Art : Review

    Over the last couple of months the mom guilt has come cover me. This started around the same time I started to plan my return to work . I have been thinking about all the things we have done with my maternity leave this time around. We have had so many more days out and made so many more memories . I have made a bigger effort this time to go to play groups with the kids . Having two kids is hard and play group is savour . This time around I have made some great friends at play group . I even see them out of play group…

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    So that’s it back to work for me

    My first day back at work is done . If I’m honest it doesn’t feel like I have been away from the place . Some staff may have changed but it’s still the same place. I will say I’m one of those people who likes to go to work . Although my job is challenging I do really enjoy doing what I do. I really had that Sunday feeling yesterday it was so odd . As I hadn’t felt like it in such a long time. I can never sleep on a Sunday night when I’m at work the next day so I did wake a little tired today .…

  • Muffin Sisters

    Muffin Sisters Blue Minky Dot African baby blanket and pillow set :Review

    We have recently been sent a beautiful blanket and pillow set from the Muffin Sisters for Alby to try. Now Alby is a funny one with blankets .When his in his cot all he likes to have is a muslin cloth . This has become his comfort item which is rather cute  . If you’re a regular reader you may have seen that Alby likes to take naps on the floor . Don’t ask me why but he gets so comfy on the floor . He loves nothing more than being snuggled up in a big blanket when he has naps. He even sometimes takes Ava’s bunny if she’s not watching.…