Dummy yes or no !

I have worked in nurseries now for many years now. I was the first person to say I don’t know why they have got a dummy they don’t need it ! . A lot of parents will tell you.I was the one to take their dummy’s off them.On many occasions I have been given them to send to the dummy fairy .

So when we knew we were having a baby I didn’t really think much about dummy’s .I did go and buy a pack just incase but didn’t really intend to use one . So I had packed my hospital bag and didn’t even cross my mind about taking one with me.

Whilst in hospital after having Ava I had a really bad night with her. I wasted so much milk cause all she wanted was the teat and not actually drink any of the milk. So when we got Home I thought right let’s try the dummy. As it seemed she just wanted something to suck on to soothe her.

She took to it straight away and loves her dummy now . We don’t give it for the sake of it .Only if she is upset and most the time in the night she just bobs it out when she is finished. If anything I think it has helped her to sleep better as when she wakes up in the night she is soothed quickly by the dummy and goes straight back to sleep.

So to all the parents over the years I may have looked at over the years and thought. Why have you given them a dummy I understand now I am in the same boat as you !.

Were now two and a half years down the line and the dummy is still around. Ava does only have her dummy when she is tired which I’m happy about. I was thinking about sending the dummy to the Dummy fairy or giving it to Santa. But Alby was born in December so I didn’t want her to have too many changes all at once. I’m thinking that I might give it to Santa next Christmas.She will be nearly 3 .Hopefully she will understand more and be ready to let go of it.

I used to think that letting your baby have a dummy was lazy parenting. That was until I had a child of my own then I realised why some babies need dummies to soothe themselves #dummies #dummy #pacifiers #parenting


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