parenting hurdles

Parenting Hurdles !

Working in a nursery for many years I have come across many different parenting styles and I remember when I was watching these different parents I thought I am not going to be like that ( this is normally the mom that’s constantly yelling !) or I hope I am going to be that sort of mommy ( the one that you see on Facebook that is baking cakes and having lovely days out all the time).

Well I know Ava is only 10 weeks old but we have already come to some parenting hurdles . The first one was being how often she was being held as we found Ava very cleverly would cry ( a little fake cry!) just to get picked up . I mean we don’t deprive her of cuddles she always gets them, we just wanted to make sure she wasn’t going to be that clingy child that doesn’t want to leave there mom and dad. Ava is happy to be held by anyone and is happy for anyone to feed her. ( this is a god send as when seeing family they can take over for a little bit). She loves her own time to play on her play matt and explore her environment !!.

The other parenting hurdle we have come across is sleep time, many people let there little ones sleep in the bed with them so they get sleep or let them cry until they sooth themselves ( this is a developmental milestone and I wouldn’t do it with such a little person !!) . We have found what works for us is a good routine so Ava knows its bedtime. We put Ava into her cot at 5 weeks old in her own room and it was the best thing we ever did( I mean what is the point in buying this all singing all dancing monitor if not going to use it properly!). When she was in the mosses basket I’m sure she just woke up just to look at us wake us up then go back to sleep. Now she is in her own bed she sleeps for about 7 hours wakes up for her dummy then goes straight back off ( I understand not every child is like this and we are very lucky). The other thing we did at sleep time was buy a Ewan the dream sheep this sheep is the best thing I have brought for Ava. She loves it and within minutes is soothed !!.

I’m sure over the coming months and years I will have moments when I’m that yelling mommy offering her bribes to be good whilst were shopping. Hopefully there will be that perfect Facebook mommy moments where we do baking and have messy play days at home.

Lets see, I’m excited to see what other parenting hurdles we come across!.



being a first time parent can be hard there are some hurdles you will face during the first fe months. Some of these hurdles may happen straight away #parenting #newparent #baby #parentinghurdles

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