Christmas stickers with StickerApp review and giveaway

You may have seen In the past I have collaborated with a company called Caseapp. CaseApp products amazing personalised phone cases and skins. Well they recently contacted me to say they have a sister company called StickerApp. As the name suggests they make stickers.


StickerApp custom made stickers

With Christmas on the way I though these would come in very handy when wrapping up people’s presents. I could literally spend hours on their website playing around with different designs and looking through all the pre made ones they have to offer. This time around I went for the pre made Christmas  ones as they were just too cute and I couldn’t resist.

StickerApp custom stickers

You can if you want personalise them with different images, prints,shapes,sizes and sticker material . I did also think about writing our names on them . As we haven’t had baby yet I didn’t want to tempt fait and put the name we have picked for him just incase.

Ordering on their website is really easy you simply pick the design you want and the quantity . Make any changes or additions then select your preferred payment method.Then select postage and fill in your details and your done. You will then get a confirmation email once all is completed. Then another one to let you know your stickers are on their way.

All the stickers are printed on fantastic quality sticker paper and are weather resistant. Prices start from £10 Per sheet.

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37 Replies to “Christmas stickers with StickerApp review and giveaway”

  1. Margaret GALLAGHER says: Reply

    Christmas themed ones or disney

  2. I would go for a vintage look either something like Homemade with Love or something to do with Game of Thrones

  3. unicorns 🙂

  4. fiona waterworth says: Reply


  5. john prendergast says: Reply

    video games themed ones

  6. Princess.

  7. Elves and snowmen are my favourite Christmas ones to use but I wouldn’t mind trying to update with something more modern… maybe unicorns and dragons lol

  8. Kerry Kilmister says: Reply

    Unicorns and dragons for my girlies

  9. Emoji is is what I would have

  10. I would have some christmassy ones! for adding a personal touch to our presents

  11. Thomas Buchanan says: Reply

    somthing girly and christmassy for my daughter

  12. Christmas ones!

  13. Christmas theme ones

  14. a close up picture of my son pulling a face

  15. holly harmsworth says: Reply

    It would have to be some christmas themed ones for my presents

  16. Disney would be fab!

  17. I think I would choose a quote for mine

  18. Christmas themed

  19. Christina Palmer says: Reply

    I love Unicorns and dragons

  20. Niki Marie Wardle says: Reply

    I’d have a sheet of emoji’s and a sheet of our surname in a nice bright design for my kids school stuff!

  21. minecraft themed for my daughter

  22. I would get unicorn stickers for my daughters bedroom 🙂

  23. I would get some styalised flowers

  24. Dinosaurs for my little boys

  25. unicorns 🙂

  26. Allan Fullarton says: Reply

    Christmas ones.

  27. Cupcakes and rainbows!

  28. Dinosaurs!

  29. I’d choose dogs for my niece.

  30. christmas ones

  31. I’d get some Christmas ones.

  32. Our littlest loves dogs & her big sister would love emojis.

  33. The skulls look cool

  34. I would choose a Christmas theme because of the time of the year.

  35. Id have unicorns

  36. Oh it would have to be vintage, or positive quotes.

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