Dream Tents the perfect addition to any child’s bed

Do you have a child that loves to make dens or little secret hideaway ? Yes well will love Dream Tents.

Dream Tents wonderland

What are Dream Tents

The name really says it all it’s a pop up tent that you can put over you child’s bed . The Dream Tents we received was the wonderland one . So it has mountains and snowflakes over it . Which Ava loved as it reminded her of Frozen which is her favourite film at the moment.

The wonderland Dream Tents

How do you attach it to your bed ?

Things that go over or around kids beds normally scare me a little . Especially the ones that have straps on as I just have a fear of them coming loose in the night and the straps being in the bed . The Dream tent however doesn’t give me the same fear as it has no straps. You simply put the two plastic u shapes under the mattress making sure to have them the correct way up . Then slot the tent into them.

how to attach the Dream Tents

It then stays in place perfectly even with a toddler tossing and turning around in bed . Ava’s not the stillest of sleepers and it hasn’t moved at all .

What else does the Dream Tents have to offer ?

It comes with a little light that can be attached to the tent so that it can be used as either a night-light or a reading light for older children . It has a variety of different coloured light settings which I think is fab.

Dream Tents night and reading light

Inside the tent is a little pocket so once they are finished reading their stories they can keep them safe ready for tomorrow in the pocket. Ava’s used this pocket to put her spare dummy in just incase she needs it during the night.

The dream tent also has curtains on it that can either be closed or kept open. This is great for if your child wants some alone time. We did tie the curtains back when Ava went to sleep just so we could see in during the night.

Dream Tents curtains

If for some reason you don’t want the Dream Tents attached to your child’s bed then it’s really easy to put away. The tent section is like one of those pop up tunnels that kids have. The metal frame is flexible and can be easily manipulated back into the bag it came in . Tip when folding it back into the packaging make sure to fold so it makes a figure of eight this will make it collapse down and go back into the bag easily.

Our overall thoughts on the Dream Tents

The Dream Tents will make a fun addition to any child’s bedroom . It gives children a place to have both great imaginary fun time and also a place to wind down and relax ready for bed . The interchangeable light gives a relaxing light so that children are ready for bed.

Dream Tents

The Dream Tents comes in a couple of different designs and can be purchased from Smyths for £19.99. The Dream Tents can be used on both single and toddler beds.

*We were sent the Dream Tents wonderland for free in return for an honest review . All opinions are my own *

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