Scruff-a-Luvs Blossom Bunnies giveaway

We were sent a Scruff-a-Luvs Blossom Bunnies in return for an honest review. All opinions on our review are our own. We were also lucky enough to be given one Scruff-a-Luvs Blossom Bunnies to giveaway. This will be sent to the winner via the brand. For more information regarding giveaway terms and conditions please visit our terms and conditions page.

If you have come over from my review then will know all about the blossom bunny we had. This cute little bunny has become Ava’s new best friend. She is even taking it to bed alongside her much loved bunny that she has had since she was a baby. If you haven’t read my review make sure you pop over and take a look.

Sruff-a-Luvs Blossom Bunnies

Now if you have a little one that would love their own Scruff-a-Luvs Blossom Bunnies I have the giveaway for you. All you need to do is enter my giveaway below to be in with the chance of winning your very own Blossom Bunny.

There are three different blossom bunnies but you don’t know which one you will get until you open it. Which one will you rescue Lemon Drizzle,Posie or Peppermint ?

Good luck !

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68 Replies to “Scruff-a-Luvs Blossom Bunnies giveaway”

  1. Margaret Gallagher says: Reply

    BLOSSOM bunny would be our choice

  2. A horse.

  3. Emma Walters says: Reply

    we would love a dog when the time is right x

    1. They would love a dog

  4. ashley nicol says: Reply

    My daughters have been asking me for ages for a dog!!

  5. Georgina Prince says: Reply

    my boys would love a dog, i am not so keen lol x

  6. Maxine Lewis-Enright says: Reply

    We already have two dogs, but im pretty sure my little ones would love to have a pet pig. I don’t mind that though lol too cute.

  7. Anthony Harrington says: Reply

    a bunny!

  8. Anthony Harrington says: Reply

    we would love to have a donkey

    1. Oh that’s an unusual answer but a donkey would be awesome !

    2. Nicola Marshall says: Reply

      We would all love to have a dog but we haven’t got the time for one yet.

  9. A penguin… but I cannot seem to explain to him – it just isn’t feasable 😉 x

    1. now I would like to see you makes that come true lol

  10. Mine have bets but they always ask for things like flamings and ponies and my younesr wanta a unicorn

    1. Yes my eldest asks for a unicorn lol

  11. Charlie Fellows says: Reply

    A cute little fluffy bunny.

    1. My niece would love a unicorn if they were real!

    2. A horse

  12. Mine keep asking for chickens!

  13. Mary Lucking says: Reply

    A dog

    1. Michelle Smith says: Reply

      My granddaughter would love a dog

  14. Christopher Michael says: Reply

    My daughter has two lovely bunnies, Roxy and Flopsy.

  15. We already have 3 lovely cats, kids want more but I think 3 is ok for

  16. Lauren Pilkington says: Reply

    We are sloth mad in our house! We would love our own!

  17. AS penguin, though imagine it’d be fishy-smelly!

  18. Helen Tovell says: Reply

    We are happy with our fish, not really animal lovers here

    1. Jeanette Leighton says: Reply

      I think my daughter Sheriah would love a cat

  19. We would have the bunny, we love bunnies.

  20. Vivien Baird says: Reply

    My Grandson wants a Lion

  21. Laura Wheatley says: Reply

    We have a dog who we absolutely adore but my daughters would love a bunny or guinea pig (not sure the dog would be a fan though lol)

  22. Sally Collingwood says: Reply

    I would like a donkey!!

  23. a dog

  24. Blossom Bunny would be loved by my granddaughter to

  25. Natalie Burgess says: Reply

    We have cats. Lily would love a pony! Xx

  26. I don’t have any children but would love to win this prize to donate to charity, to go to Romania.

    1. Oh that’s lovely !

  27. my kids want a puppy but we don’t have time in our lives for one just yet so maybe one day x

  28. She wants a rabbit ans is going to call it George, not sure why she has chosen that name

  29. We would love a dog, but in my heart I know we just don’;t have the time for one, we can borrow my Mums two though which is lovely!

    1. We sadly had to re home our dog due to not being able to give her want she needed and it’s heartbreaking so deffo better to borrow one x

  30. Emily Neasham says: Reply

    We have a pug and he is adored in our house! But I would really like two Guinea pigs for my daughter!

  31. Christopher Read says: Reply

    I would love to have a budgie or a tortoise! Thanks for running this comp.

  32. Claire Nutman says: Reply

    A miniture dog would be so fab x

  33. Rachel Butterworth says: Reply

    A ferret.

  34. A cute little doggy

  35. Michaela Turner says: Reply

    I would love to have a dog but it’s not practical with our busy lifestyles

  36. My youngest loves cats but I’m allergic!

  37. Ella Langford says: Reply

    They would love a rabbit or a dog!!!!!!

  38. I’d love some chickens! Hopefully when we move 🙂

  39. Michaela Turner says: Reply

    Ava got a bunny!

  40. My daughter would love a bunny

  41. a bunny of course!

    1. We would love a micro pig they are so cute

  42. a bunny of course!

  43. Rebecca Whatmore says: Reply

    We have guinea pigs and love them!

  44. Danielle Graves says: Reply

    We’ve currently got bearded dragons but both my hubby and little one really want a dog

  45. Grandson would love a dog, I don’t think its going to happen he already has two cats

  46. Pauline Wilson says: Reply

    We actually have a little mini lop bunny of our own. Would have a dog if we had a bigger house and weren’t out at work all day

  47. donna l jones says: Reply

    a parrot

  48. Natalee Gosiewski says: Reply

    one of my children have asked for a rabbit one a cat and the other a wolf

  49. Selena Longworth says: Reply

    My daughter has just seen these advertised on channel 5 and has been going on about them. She would love any of them, especially lemon the bunny!

  50. Rebecca Smith says: Reply

    we would love a horse

  51. we have the pet that I have longed for, a Parrot

  52. my daughter would like a unicorn!

    1. Haha same !

  53. Edward Guerreiro says: Reply

    A dog. She is obsessed with dogs.

  54. My daughter would love to have a dragon as a pet

  55. We would love to have a husky, we just don’t have the time at the moment to dedicate x

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