Keeping germs at bay thanks to Milton Antibacteiral products : review and giveaway

Milton Antibacterial products

Now I’m all for kids getting messy but there are some areas of the house that you need to be clean. The main one is the kitchen , this is the place you prepare all your food . So you need your kitchen to be sparking clean. This is where Milton Antibacterial products are fab . You may be thinking I’m sure Milton only did sterilising tablets and solutions. Well your wrong there they do lots more !

The first Milton product we have been trying is their 3 in 1 Antibacterial surface spray. All in all we are a pretty healthy house and I put that down to using antibacterial sprays and wipes . I’m constantly wiping down the sides or the windows from sticky finger prints from Ava. The one thing I would say it would be nice if they did them in different smells. I’m a sucker for a nice smelling spray and it’s normally the thing that sways me towards buying a certain product.

Miton Antibacterial

However the Milton 3 in one Antibacterial spray is fab. It cleans, disinfect and freshens. It says that it kills 99.9% germs which is what we need in our house . To keep us all healthy.

The next thing we have been trying is the antibacterial surface wipes . These are so handy to have in the changing bag. I will say though make sure you re seal they as they do dry out if left open.

We go to lots of playgroups and soft plays . We have on several occasions had little ones walking off with Ava or Alby’s dummy’s thinking they were there’s . I just about remember to make sure I have both dummies with me. Let alone making sure I have a spare. So these wipes have been so handy for this.

Milton Antibacterial

Also the amount of time I have been at a pub put Ava in the high chair to be greeted by a grim residue of the last child’s meal . So I now tend to give the chair a good wipe over before I use it .Or I do tend to use these to wipe down changing areas whilst out even if I’m putting my own Matt down. I like them to be clean as you don’t know who has used them before you.

The Milton wipes come in a handy carry size packet . Making them perfect for the changing bag.The other thing I liked is that they are 100% biodegradable wipes which is a big plus in my eyes.

Lastly we have been using the Milton Antibacterial hand gel . Now this is something I always have in the changing bag . As I find all too often that there is no soap in public toilets. So I make sure to have some of this with me. All you need is a little squirt and it dries in seconds.

Milton Antibacterial

I have found with some Antibacterial gels they do dry your hands out . This one hasn’t been too bad as it does contain a moisturising agent. I do wish though that someone would make a Antibacterial gel that smells less clinical.

Milton Antibacterial products are great for keeping germs at bay. #antibacterial #milton #cleaning #parenting

Like the look of these products. Well why not enter the giveaway below to be in with a chance to win. X1 Milton Antibacterial spray, X1 Milton Antibacterial wipes and X1 Milton Antibacterial hand gel.


Milton Antibacterial products giveaway

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90 Replies to “Keeping germs at bay thanks to Milton Antibacteiral products : review and giveaway”

  1. I have never used it but would love to with the second child

  2. Yes, I have used Milton products in the past. I’ve used the wipes and the 3 in 1 Antibacterial surface spray.

  3. Margaret GALLAGHER says: Reply

    Ive used the wipes – found them very effective

  4. Milton liquid, Milton tablets :- For sterilising baby feeding equipment, etc.

  5. john prendergast says: Reply

    I have used the wipes before

  6. Heather brannan says: Reply

    Not had the opportunity to use these products but would love the chance

  7. Elizabeth Smith says: Reply

    I’ve never used Milton products

  8. I have never used milton products

  9. I have never used any of their products before. But I would like to.

  10. No never used these products before. I do believe my mother sterilized by feeding bottles with Milton though

  11. Tablets for sterilising and also the trigger spray

  12. ADEINNE TONNER says: Reply

    I personally haven’t used Milton products before

  13. I have never tried them before

  14. Sue McCarthy says: Reply

    I’ve not used Milton before so would be fab to win this prize.

  15. I’d give this to my daughter she always uses Milton for my granddaughter

  16. Sadiyya Maryam says: Reply

    I have used the sterilising tablets before.

  17. i have used the wipes

  18. Yolanda Davis says: Reply

    i used the sterilising tablets to clean my babies bottles years and years ago.

  19. claire glace says: Reply

    Yes the tablets, we have used with all the babies…..

  20. Hannah Wallington says: Reply

    I’ve tried the sterilising tablets and I would love to try the wipes.

  21. Jayne Townson says: Reply

    I’ve never tried it before, but it all sounds good, so I’d like to try it.

  22. Hayley Colburn says: Reply

    I have used the wipes and suface cleaner and they are both great, only thing I would say about the cleaner is that it does leave a little bit of a soapy residue on dark surfaces but still great as it givea you piece of mind

    1. Oh does it I haven’t noticed this but I don’t have many dark surfaces !

  23. Karen Barrett says: Reply

    I have used the sterilising tablets.

  24. Sharon Hirst says: Reply

    I personally haven’t used Milton products, but if I was lucky enough to win would gift to my niece for her new baby

  25. Barbara Jane Shaw says: Reply

    I have used The sterilising tablets, great for a number of tasks!

  26. never used these products before they sound good though xx

  27. Maria Blythin says: Reply

    i have but only really the tablets x

  28. Yep, I swear by Milton tablets!

  29. We use the anti bacterial spray daily in our house

  30. Linda Turner says: Reply

    I have used the sterilising tablet’s and they are fantastic. I use a lot of anti bacterial sprays around the house but not tryed the Milton yet

  31. sarah mcvicar says: Reply

    I use the antibacterial spray in my kitchen

  32. I haven’t used any Milton products before….They sound great.

  33. Not had a chance yet, here’s hoping!

  34. lesley renshaw says: Reply

    I used to use Milton product all the time when my daughter was younger (sterilising bottles and toys). I wasn’t aware they had a kitchen cleaning range for the work tops and antibacterial gel so would love to give this a try as they are a trusted brand. Thanks for the chance x

  35. Danielle Spencer says: Reply

    I haven’t used their products before but would love to give them a go.

  36. I used Milton liquid to sterilise my baby’s bottles and now I use it for floor cleaning. I quite like it because it doesn’t smell of lemons which a lot of cleaning products do. It cleans everything properly.

  37. I used the tablets when my children were little

  38. Margaret Clarkson says: Reply

    No, I;ve never used it before.

  39. Not yet

  40. Rachael Sexey says: Reply

    I have never used these products but they look great

  41. I have never used Milton products before, but I would love to try them

  42. Carrie-Anne Brown says: Reply

    I have never used Milton products before but would love to give them a try 🙂

  43. Yes I’ve used the 3 in 1 antibacterial spray and I loved it

  44. Lisa Wilkinson says: Reply

    Yes. I used the steri-tabs when my little girl was little. I use the antibacterial spray now. I love the smell!

  45. I think we used Milton years ago. It has a good reputation.

  46. Will come in handy with our baby due very soon!

  47. I used the steri tabs years ago and the multi surface cleaner just recently x

  48. Victoria Prince says: Reply

    No I’ve never used Milton products, but I’ve heard nothing but good things about them and I know my mum used to use them to sterilise things when I was little, but not sure which ones!

  49. I have not used Milton products before.

  50. i don’t think I have used them but would love to try

  51. MANDY DOHERTY says: Reply

    I used the Milton sterilising solution for my children’s bottles many years ago

  52. I haven’t but would love to try

  53. I used the wipes

  54. CAROLYN HEYWORTH says: Reply

    Yes used the tablets when my kids were a grandchild now and still using milton

  55. Samantha Sugden says: Reply

    I used the wipes when my granddaughter used her high chair 12 months ago

  56. I’ve never used Milton products, but would love to try

  57. I used to use Milton when my children were small now use it for the grandchildren the wipes are great

  58. Used sterilising liquid years ago for baby bottles

  59. I use the spray at home on surfaces an keep wipes in my bag when I go out with my little one so I can wipe down highchair etc when eatin out. Thanks for the chance

  60. Patricia Avery says: Reply

    I used the sterilising liquid when bottle-feeding my children 🙂

  61. I have not used Milton Product before but I will be after reading your review.

  62. No not yet but would love to try I’ve heard great things thanks for the chance

  63. andrea tinkler says: Reply

    used the sterilising fluid. Love the smell of Milton

  64. Laura Pritchard says: Reply

    I used the sterilising liquid years ago but nothing recently.

  65. donna l jones says: Reply

    I have used the sterilising tablets before.

  66. Allan Fullarton says: Reply

    The wipes are great.

  67. i have never used it but id love to give it a try

  68. melanie allen says: Reply

    love to try these

  69. amanda greensmith says: Reply

    the sterilising fluid fantastic thanks for the chance

  70. I love the Antibacterial spray

  71. Just the gel. I tend to use supermarket own brands for sprays.

  72. I have used the spray before, when the kids were babies. The wipes look a whole lot easier mow though. Perfect for out and about

  73. Yes – always used the steriliser fluid for my boys bottles

  74. Never used before but I would like to try them

  75. Jeanette Leighton says: Reply

    I have used the sterilising tablets for the cold water steriliser

  76. No but pregnant with baby number 1 so sure it won’t be long

  77. Michelle Wild says: Reply

    I use the sterilising tablets and the spray.

  78. Have not used yet

  79. Yes, we use the hand gel regularly.

  80. laura stewart says: Reply

    not used it before x

  81. Amy Jo McLellan says: Reply

    I use Milton Sterilising Fluid 🙂

  82. yes, the wipes

  83. Not yet but heard great reviews x

  84. Yes. I have used the antibac wipes

  85. No haven’t used your products before

  86. Christine hindle says: Reply

    Sadly I haven’t used your products yet, but hope to at some point

  87. Georgie Wright says: Reply

    I’ve used their fluid before, I’d like to try their other products.

  88. Yep, I swear by Milton tablets

  89. Natalie Crossan says: Reply

    yes the solution and tablets for my daughters baby bottles x

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