Peter rabbit hop with me: review

I have such fond memories of Peter rabbit from when I was a child. I remember my parents reading me stories from the Beatrix potter range before bedtime . So when I was offered the opportunity to review the Peter rabbit Hop with me plush I was so excited. Especially as we had not long ago found out that Peter Rabbit and his friends have a Telly programme which Ava loves . To which I already I know all the words to the intro song !

As soon as our Peter Rabbit arrived Ava was so excited, that excited she pulled open the packaging before I even had a chance to get my phone out to take a picture for you . (Sorry bad blogger moment)

The peter rabbit itself is surprisingly big at 40cm tall. His adorable ears wiggle and he says 5 different phrases with just a simple touch of his hand. Not only does he talk and wiggle his ears but like the name suggests he hops. Which Ava found hilarious and tried to copy him.

Ava also enjoyed trying to take his little jacket on and off which was adorable. I just know I’m going to end up with a naked Peter rabbit soon !

Peter rabbit

Ava hasn’t let Peter go since having him she has even taken him to bed bless her . I was a little freaked out the other night when I could hear him talking and then a few minutes later Ava did talk back to him. The peter rabbit hop with me toy has definitely been a winner in our house

The Peter Rabbit Hop With Me Plush is suitable from 18 months of age and costs £29.99 . It can be purchased from the Argos website and in store.

Peter Rabbit is a lovable bunny and this plush jumping rabbit will make the perfect toy for any peter rabbit fans out there !


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    I loved my My Little Ponies – I had the Show Stable!

    1. // Reply

      Bless I didn’t really do Disney dolls was more a barbie girl x

  2. // Reply

    My Strawberry shortcake doll was my favourite, she smelt like real strawberries

    1. // Reply

      I remember those they smelt amazing x

  3. // Reply

    I loved my ragdoll but it was not as big as this

  4. // Reply

    As a child I enjoyed the tv programme Andy Pandy.

  5. // Reply

    Rosie and Jim was my favourite TV show, I even named my two rabbits after them lol xxx

  6. // Reply

    I can’t remember the show itself but I do remember my favourite programme was Hector’s House

  7. // Reply

    I loved playing with barbies and liked watching why don’t you!

  8. // Reply

    First Grandchild on the way,what a great prize to give him/her

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    I loved my Polly pocket necklaces xx

  10. // Reply

    I love watching The Raccoons!

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    Glen Micheal’s Cartoon Cavalcade :- Loved watching it on a Sunday with the family. Loved Caspar the friendly ghost cartoons.

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    i used to love the care bears i had sunshine bear

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    I loved The Pink Panther Show!

  14. // Reply

    I was always a huge fan of Thomas the Tank Engine but these days my niece makes me watch My Little Pony and Transformers Battle Bots with her!

  15. // Reply

    I used to love watching Barney or tots TV!

  16. // Reply

    I had a blue and white pj dog that I loved

  17. // Reply

    I loved my baby walking doll as a child, I think she was called Tippy Toes.

  18. // Reply

    I loved Sylvanian Families. I had loads of them!

  19. // Reply

    I loved my baby born doll xxx

  20. // Reply

    I love My Little Pony as a kid and now my youngest daughter is obsessed with the updated version which is so much cooler!

  21. // Reply

    I loved my Barbie dolls and house xxx

  22. // Reply

    Loved Watching Byker Grove!

  23. // Reply

    I also loved Dougal from The Magic Roundabout

  24. // Reply

    I loved watching Tracy Beaker xxx

  25. // Reply

    my tiny tears doll and my little pony.

  26. // Reply

    I loved my Sylvanian families.

  27. // Reply

    I loved watching the queens nose, she had a magic 50p and could make wishes every time she rubbed it xXx

  28. // Reply

    I loved my boy and girl tiny tears dolls, they were named Jack and Jessica xxx

  29. // Reply

    I loved watching chuckle vision, to me to you xXx

  30. // Reply

    I loved the small polly pocket toys that came with different shaped houses 🙂

  31. // Reply

    My favourite games as a child were all the playground games; Skipping, British Bulldog and Oranges and Lemons

  32. // Reply

    Pokemon cards, pickachu was my favourite xXx

  33. // Reply

    I always remember spending many happy hours at the top of the stairs with a box of coloured bricks and yellow ones were bread, white ones were milk and so on and everytime my mother passed me I sold her something!

  34. // Reply

    Had a little dog I loved.

  35. // Reply

    I loved watching The Clangers as a child

  36. // Reply

    I loved the film grease when I was younger xXx

  37. // Reply

    We used to have a pile of building bricks in the garden which we would fashion into all sorts of probably very dangerous dens but it provided years of games and fun and pretend play for us.

  38. // Reply

    Bikers grove was a favourite of mine xXx

  39. // Reply

    Hey Arthur I loved to watch xXx

  40. // Reply

    I’ll think of something different every day, so many favourites. TV – Bagpuss. I loved watching that with my Mum. And I really loved it when it was repeated when my daughter was tiny too, lovely to see it again.

  41. // Reply

    I loved my inline skates, I’d probably fall straight on my bum if I tried now xXx

  42. // Reply

    my favourite was rainbow x

  43. // Reply

    I enjoyed watching blue peter xXx

  44. // Reply

    I loved bodge and badger xXx

  45. // Reply

    I loved my play dough sets xXx

  46. // Reply

    Dick and Dom in the bungalow was funny on the weekends xXx

  47. // Reply

    I would love to win this for my daughter xx

  48. // Reply

    I loved the get your own back TV show xXx

  49. // Reply

    I loved my little ponies, and now my daughter has them too xXx

  50. // Reply

    I also loved Art Attack xXx

  51. // Reply

    I loved Blue’s clues!!

  52. // Reply

    Sabrina the teenage witch xXx

  53. // Reply

    I loved to watch the Smurfs

  54. // Reply

    My He-Man action figure.

  55. // Reply

    i loved my glo bright and my furby, used to love watching Art attack and Goosebumps

  56. // Reply

    I really loved my star trek figure toys!

  57. // Reply

    I think it would have to be my little pony.

  58. // Reply

    I loved my playmobil

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    Favourite toy. This is a tricky one, I really don’t remember. I enjoyed lego, but I spent most of my time reading. Everything from classics like What Katy Did, Enid Blyton to the Dark is rising series. I read so much so do books count?

    1. // Reply

      Of course books count my daughter loves her story books and will pick them over many toys x

  60. // Reply

    I loved watching The Clangers as a child

  61. // Reply

    My favourite toy was a Little Tuppence doll and my favourite programme was an American cartoon called Gigantor.

  62. // Reply

    My favorite TV show when I was little was Ewoks, my dad taped all the episodes and I used to just watch them over and over again. Funny thing is I didn’t realise Ewoks had anything to do with Star Wars until I was 16 and watched the movies.

  63. // Reply

    I loved my Pippa Dolls and all their accessories – i even had a pony for her

  64. // Reply

    I had a teddy called Pink that went everywhere with me.

  65. // Reply

    I loved the queens nose when I was younger.. and also had an ET teddy he freaked everyone out but I loved him x

  66. // Reply

    I had a panda teddy that i use to sleep with everynight from about the age of 3 to 16

  67. // Reply

    my favourite childhood toy was a little puppy, I wasn’t allowed animals so my teddies were my pets

  68. // Reply

    Action Man and teenage mutant hero turtles

  69. // Reply

    Roland Rat! Showing my age 😉 xx

  70. // Reply

    Playing Operation with my cousins and brothers.

  71. // Reply

    gem and the hollowgrams and thunder cats

  72. // Reply

    I loved playing with Lego and watching Care Bears!

  73. // Reply

    We loved the dolls house that our dad made

  74. // Reply

    I loved Polly pockets they were amazing ‍❤️‍

  75. // Reply

    I always loved Thomas the Tank Engine and I loved collecting Trolls

  76. // Reply

    loved my dolls and red pedal car

  77. // Reply

    I liked watching Jamie and the Magic Torch

  78. // Reply

    I loved my speak and spell!

  79. // Reply

    I have two favourite toys. Rags a dog which was made from scraps of material from where my Grandma worked and she was allowed to take enough home to make him or they were going to be thrown. I’ve had him since I was 6 months old (many moons ago) and the only thing that’s wrong with him is the fact that his red collar is slightly worn and faded.

    My other favourite from childhood and I am sure she’s in the attic, was a doll which if you held her hand she would walk with you. She was named Rosemary after the lady who used to babysit us and still lives 2 streets away.

  80. // Reply

    Playschool – no-one ever knows what I am talking about though lol

  81. // Reply

    I had a pig teddy with a zipped up belly that had three little piglets that went inside! I loved it!

  82. // Reply

    My sylvanian families

  83. // Reply

    I used to have a Pogo stick. I spent hours on it trying to be my best score of jumping, loved it

  84. // Reply

    I loved Playmobil and my bike.

  85. // Reply

    I loved my My Little Ponies, I had the large stable, and the nursery.

  86. // Reply

    Rainbow Brite, The Raccoons and david the gnome were my favourite childrens programs

  87. // Reply

    I loved my barbie dolls xxx

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