Teether baby boutique brother and sister hoodies : review

We were recently sent two hoodies from Teether baby boutique in return for an honest review. Also to host a giveway.All opinions are my own

I was recently contacted by the lovely people over at Teether baby Boutique. Who are an online uk based baby boutique. They have some really lovely pieces for all occasions and at fantastic prices. Although they are called baby boutique they actually do items for older children and adults too.

They asked me to look over their website and pick an item for each of my children. Having a flick though their website . I saw they did a really cute tshirt that that said little bro on it. However I couldnt see one that said Big sis . I sent them an email and he explained they were just about to add this to their website. They had also had some new style hoodies in which he could print the big sis and little bro on. Yes ! finally my chance to twin my children I have been waiting for this for a long time.

Brother and Sister hoodlies from teether baby boutique

Within a few days the hoodies had been delivered to us and they exceed my expectations. The material of the hoodies is super soft to touch and the fleece inside felt so snuggly and warm . Perfect for the cold days we have been having. I was a little scared to see they had sent me white . As me and whites don’t normally get on very well.

Brother hoodie from Teether baby boutique

Of course within a few hours of wearing their hoodies Alby got chocolate all down it. Qu the panic form me. I went through my normal stain removal routine hoping that it would work. Popped it straight into the wash and prayed that it would all come out. A wash cycle later I got it out and was actually surprised to see that the stain had completly come out. The fabric was as soft as when we got it. The black from the transfer hadn’t bled into the hoodie at all. Thank God !

I normally find with a lot of hoodies I have brought the kids . That the neck whole is really tight and it’s a struggle to get them on and off. These hoodies from Teether baby boutique however are a really good fit. They allow for the head to come through the neck section really easily. They still keep their shape around the neck.

Big sister hoodie from Teether baby boutique

Our overall thoughts on Teether Boutique Big sis and little bro hoodies.

Overall i’m really impressed with these hoodies from Teether baby boutique. The quality of the hoodies is fantastic they are super soft and snuggly and the kids look absolutely adorable in them. The most important thing is that they wash really well they keep their shape ,softness and the colour of the black transfer doesnt bleed at all.

Baby boutique brother and sister hoodies

Like the look of the kids hoodies and would like to get yourself or your child something special from teether baby boutique. Then head over to their website or why not try your luck with my giveaway below. Where you can be in with the chance to win a item of your choosing from the Teether baby boutique website.

Teether.co.uk Giveaway

61 thoughts on “Teether baby boutique brother and sister hoodies : review

  1. Peter Watson

    I love the Somebody loves me to the moon and back top.

  2. Jodi

    I love the foil print sibling tee shirts and jumpers. So sweet!

  3. Natalie burgess

    Big sister circle design t shirt xx

  4. Solange

    I like the Curly hair, dont care Summer hoodie.

    1. Neha Chauhan

      #mumlife Mum and baby set

  5. andrea tinkler

    Curly hair, don’t care hoodie for my grand daughter who of course has very curly hair

  6. nicola dean

    I would buy one of the christening dresses for my niece, they are beautiful.

  7. Sally Collingwood

    Mummy Your Fired Nana Is Here! Tee-shirt!!

  8. Rich Tyler

    Curly hair, dont care Summer hoodie

  9. Lydia Joy

    I’d like the ‘First name always, last name hungry’ hoodie in red for my son. It’s very nice!

  10. Rachel Butterworth

    The Let Us Turn Up the Best t-shirt.

  11. Fay

    I absolutely love the ‘Mummy You’re fired! Auntie is Here!’ t shirt! Hilarious!!

  12. Alica

    I love the baby vests!

  13. Jessica Powell

    I love the ‘last name hungry first name always’ tees! 😀

  14. John Prendergast

    Always Hungry Summer Hoodie

  15. S Kerry

    I’d love the Boys Personalised Name Pyjamas for my little boy xx

  16. Martina Pichova

    My daughter would love the Scribble heart name T-shirt.

  17. Katie

    in a world where you can be anything, be sassy hoodie

  18. Laura Pritchard

    The Curly hair, dont care. Summer Hoodie

  19. janine atkin

    i love the You are my sunshine Mum and Child Set

  20. Nikki Easton

    I would choose the mumma bear and little bear matching set please. So cute.

  21. sammysjb2 bennett

    I love the top that says love you to the moon and back would be a fab baby shower gift

  22. Ruth Harwood

    the ‘Mummy You’re fired! Auntie is Here!’ t shirt looks fun, my niece could wear it!!

  23. Roz Walker-Smith

    I love the ‘little bro circle t shirt’. My little man would look amazing in it!

  24. Charlotte G

    I would choose the Pretty eyes & chubby thighs romper for my daughter!

  25. Susan Smith

    The Summer hoodie, love it

  26. Helen

    Wow, I’ve never heard of this website before and after seeing their products and really reasonable prices they’re now saved to my favourites! My daughters would love the ‘Big Sister Little Sister Circle T Shirt Set’ in particular.

  27. Rachel Craig

    Scribble Heart Name T-Shirt, as pretty.

  28. Amanda Gregory

    Cousins make the best friends hoodie in pink would be lovely.

  29. Heather Hibbert

    The foil print brother and sister t shirts!


    My grandma loves me to the moon and back t’shirt

  31. Fiona jk42

    the “Curly hair, don’t care” hoody or the “Four-nado” T shirt

  32. donna l jones

    Always Hungry Summer Hoodie

  33. Niki Wardle

    I’d love a set of the circle design sibling hoodie for my gang of 4!


    Love the Pretty Eyes & Chubby Thighs Romper

  35. lynsey poole

    So so cute! Any of the tops are adorable although I really love the circle design hoodies for my own brood.

  36. Anthea Holloway

    I love the Lettuce Turnip the Beet teeshirt – so clever!

  37. Laura Corrall

    I love the Let us turn up the beat Shirt. It’s so good, my daughter would love it.

  38. Rebecca Whatmore

    I love the Troll Hair Don’t Care T-Shirt!

  39. Chanise Kemp

    Personalised birthday pyjamas, super cute!

  40. antonia richardson

    Anchor Baby Grow

  41. Denise Wilden

    My favourite is ” In a world you can be anything be Sassy” which would suit my granddaughter down to the ground her mum is always saying shes sassy.

    1. Tee Simpson

      I love the Dad and Child Matching Set

  42. Fiona Hossell

    Loving the hoodies!

  43. Rachel Craig

    Love the You Are My Sunshine set, Beautiful!

  44. Susan B

    The bright and simple Gold Giraffe Baby Grow is very appealing.

  45. Highland Heather

    This one sums her up perfectly!

  46. paula cheadle

    so much to choose from, BUT I think I would like the Curly Hair Dont Care T Shirt, has my granddaughter has a head full of curls

  47. Sarah Morris

    Love the t shirt somebody loveds me to the moon and back

  48. Rachael Sexey

    The foil print brother and sister t shirts are so cute

  49. Catherine Bullas

    Always hungry summer hoody

  50. laura stewart

    Curly hair

  51. Kim Neville

    I like the Mum + Baby Bear Set

  52. Tracey Hallmark

    I love the big sister circle design t-shirt in pink it would be super for my 4 year old niece who will soon be a big sister

  53. Diane Carey

    I would love the Girls Personalised Name Pyjamas for my granddaughter

  54. Natalee Gosiewski

    i love the mummy your fired auntie is here lmao so funny and fun

  55. Lisa Pond

    The big sister and little sister circle t-shirt set would be wonderful for my girls

  56. Lynn Neal

    Always hungry summer hoodie

  57. Jeanette Leighton

    You are my sunshine set is lovely. My dad loves this song and used to listen to it when we where children

  58. Claire Sarcone

    I love the statement hoodies on the Instagram pic.


    I love the Baptism Dress With Bonnet

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