Tommee Tippee mealtime accessories :review

When we were buying bottles for Ava the first brand I looked at was Tommee Tippee. This brand is trusted amongst many parents I know . The products are always of high quality , so when the guys over at Tommee Tippee asked if I would like to review some of their other products . I straight away said yes .

As were weaning Ava these products were put to the test straight away. The first thing we used was the dribble catching weaning bib. Unlike most weaning bibs it comes up really high under the chin meaning her clothes underneath stay nice and clean. Also as it is material it stops it rubbing around her neck and making it sore like some plastic ones can . I did use this under her feeding bibs  , so it stayed clean but still cushioned her neck. These bibs are also perfect for generally wear having a child that is teething she is constantly dribbling  and this bib can cope with the amount of dribble, still keeping her clothes underneath dry.

We were sent some pop up weaning pots. We used them to keep Ava’s snacks whilst out and about and they are great . Unlike some pots I have used the lids don’t pop off and keep her food from going stale . These would be fab if you give your child purée as you can freeze it in the pot. Then when needed push the soft push base and the content will come out.

Lastly we tried the aeroplane spoon which made meal times really fun . Ava would chuckle as the spoon came towards her . Also she was able to hold the wings of the plan and feed herself . The only problem I did find was when using a jar of pudding I was unable to reach the bottom of the jar, as the wings got in the way.

Where can I purchase them from ?

The products shown above can be purchased from most major supermarkets and also Amazon,Argos,Babies R us,Boots,John Lewis,Kiddiecare,Mothercare and Mamas and Papas . So basically anywhere you go you can find Tommee Tippee products !.

* The products shown above were sent to me for free in return for an honest review . All pictures and opinions are my own.*

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