Treat your dog this Christmas with some Webbox treats

Christmas is a time of year when gifts are exchanged but make sure you don’t forget the dog . We have been a bit rubbish the last couple of years with remembering the dog . Mainly due to me being very heavily pregnant and then having a nearly 1-year-old to contend with . So this year thanks to Webbox  Kya is being well and truly spoilt.

Webbox Christmas dog treats and toys

She has been sent everything from a Christmas dinner to deli pack . Now we don’t give kya that many treats as we don’t want her to be a chunky dog. So this collection is going to last us a good while. Her personal favourite have been the sausages so far . I can tell that she liked them as she actually really listened well to some commands before I let her have it . It’s always a good idea to make them work for a treat it keeps their brains active , not that kya needs much help with that.

Webbox dog treats Webbox dog treats

We are saving the Christmas dinner till Christmas so she too can have a festive meal. This will be the first time she has had this sort of dog food .so I’m looking forward to seeing her reaction. I’m sure she’s going to love it . Webbox dog Christmas dinner

Who knew there was so many different products you can buy for a dog. Especially with this all being from one brand. I did have a look into the Webbox brand before giving the products to kya to make sure that their products were high quality. From reading the packaging and other reviews I could see that as long as the treats are used along side a balanced diet they are great for your dogs . They have really thought about what goes into their products to make sure that they are both tasty and nutritious.

Webbox dog toys Webbox dog toys

The lovely people at Webbox also sent some soft toys for kya to play with . Now kya loves these sort of toys but they don’t normally last longer than 5 minutes. As she pulls them apart with excitement. To our surprise though kya played really nicely with them and didn’t rip them apart. Although Ava wasn’t too impressed that the toys weren’t for her !

Webbox dog treats

It’s pretty ironic the top she has got on as she really doesn’t look the cutest girl here !

Like us do you include your dog into your festive celebrations ? If so have you ever tried any of the Webbox product ? If not I highly recommend them.

*We were sent the Webbox products shown above for free In return for an honest review . All opinions are my own*

its not just the kids that have a treat at christmas so do the pets with webbox treats

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