aidie London Navy blue baby moccasins- Review

I am a big lover of shoes this is something I have passed onto Ava for sure. Whenever we go into a shop she goes straight to the shoes and picks them up straight away. Normally saying they are cute and asking for them. However I do make sure that I only buy Ava shoes that are good for her feet. As some of you may know we have had issues with her feet and her walking.

After seeing a physiotherapist they explained to me that shoes with flat soles and ones that are not too structured are best for kids. They don’t actually need these structured shoes that a lot of shoe shops sell you. This piece of advice I have really taken on board and I am strict with what shoes I will let Ava have. I also take this into consideration when getting things for Alby. Although he isn’t at the age where he can walk and doesn’t necessarily need shoes I have found especially when playing outside they are handy.

I was finding that his feet were getting really grubby from pushing against the ground as his trying to crawl. I was a little concerned that he may hurt his little feet whilst he was doing this. So I have been looking for some soft leather shoes for him just to wear occasionally. Then I has an email from the people over at aide London. We got chatting and they asked me if I would like to review something from their site. Taking a look at their site I was drawn to a pair of Navy blue baby moccasins. They were soft soled like I wanted and a perfect colour for a little one on the move.

aidie London Navy blue baby moccosains

I wasn’t disappointed when they arrived they were even nicer than I thought they were going to be. They are super soft both on the outside and inside of the shoe. The moccasins are really lightweight meaning Alby doesn’t even realise he has them on. They are breathable, hypoallergenic and they also naturally regulate heat. Which is perfect for Alby as he can get really hot and sweaty feet even when he has nothing on his feet.

aidie London

The leather is flexible so he is able to easy move around in them. The soft soles means he can have the protect of the shoe on his feet but he can also have traction on the ground. This is also great for children who are learning to walk. As it has been found that children need to be able to feel the ground beneath them when they walk in order to be able to balance and have co-ordination. This is why when you see toddlers in big clumpy trainers they cannot walk very well.

I have found with some other brands I have tried in the past that it can be quite difficult to get the shoes on . Or that they just fall off as your little one kicks about. I remember when Ava was little she was always loosing shoes whilst we were out in the pushchair as she used to kick them off. Well these beautiful moccasins from aidie London have an elasticated ankle . Which means it allows you to put them on your child’s foot easily but they also wont be able to kick them off. Alby is a kicker and he hasn’t kicked his off at all.

aidie London

They are really easy to clean also. All you have to do is wipe them over with a damp cloth or wipe and they are good to go.

I also liked the fact that aidie London  are doing their bit to stop plastic waste. All their little shoes come wrapped in acid-free tissue paper that can then be recycled. Or like us you could pop it into your craft box so your little one can make something with it. Ava has used ours to make a pretty picture for her nanny.

Our overall thought on the aidie London Navy blue baby moccasins

Overall I really like them they don’t just look lovely they are great for children’s feet. When Alby is learning to walk I can have the piece of mind that his feet are kept safe from anything on the floor. And also that he is having the closest experience to barefoot walking. He will be able to feel the ground underneath his and be able to balance properly.

Also their high quality leather is backed by their lifetime guarantee.

Children’s feet are so precious we really need to look after them. Think more about the shoes we are buying them . Yes you may find shoes cheaper but are they really going to be as good for their feet. Like you look after their teeth everyday you need to look after their feet. Having ill fitted shoes. Or shoes that are just not right for them may do damage that they will have to deal with maybe for the rest of their life.

aidie London

If like me you’re a shoe lover and want the best shoes for your little one I really recommend you head over to the aidie London website.

when getting shoes for your children soft soled shoes or infact no shoes at all is best for them. Children dont actually need these very structured shoes we tend to buy #babyshoes #softsoledshoes #review #bestforbaby #development #learningtowalk #prewalker

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