Using B-sensible sheets when taking away the night time nappy with my toddler

A couple of months ago now we started potty training with Ava. It has gone so well. I think in the last two months we have only had maybe 2 accidents. I started to notice that her night-time nappies were dry when she woke up in the morning. She also started to ask for a wee as soon as she woke in the morning. So I started to think about not using a nappy on a night-time. The lovely people over a B-sensible have sent us a waterproof fitted sheet and two waterproof pillow cases to try .

I’m going to be honest when they said waterproof bedding all I could think of was hospital bed sheets. The ones that don’t feel like cotton at all and make a ruffling noise every time you move . So I was a little worried about how they would be. I wanted to make sure that Ava still had a comfy nights sleep but if she did have an accident that her mattress was protected.

B-sensible fitted sheets for cot bed

On opening the box of the B-sensible products we were sent. I could see straight away that they were nothing like hospital bed sheets. In fact they are really soft sheets. I headed over to their website to find out what their sheets were actually made from.  I was very surprised to find out that they are in fact made from a 100% natural, sustainable and eco-friendly fibre. Basically using some very fancy technology wood is turned into a fibre called TencelĀ® which is softer on the skin than cotton and wool. TencelĀ® also deals with moisture like nothing else. Making it perfect to be used in bedding.

B-sensible products are both waterproof and breathable

Ava has a toddler bed with is the same size as most cot beds. So we had the cot bed fitted sheet in white. It fits her mattress perfectly. Meaning that if she does do a wee that nothing would be able to get on her mattress at all. We went for white also on the thinking one day Alby will be going through potty training. So I’m hoping these sheets will stand the test of time and we can use them again with Alby.

B-sensible waterproof pillow case

We also got sent two pillow case protectors from B-sensible which are the same material as the fitted cot sheet. So it’s lovely and soft. I did notice when looking at their website that they don’t do a pillow case for smaller pillows like the ones that comes with duvets that fit cot beds. This didn’t matter too much as Ava has two normal sized pillows on her bed. As she has Asthma she sleeps better if she is elevated and we found the smaller pillows didn’t give her the elevation she needs.

B-Sensible sheets on a cot bed

With her new bed sheets on a no nappy she went to sleep. All was fine then about three hours later she woke which isn’t unusual for her. So I went upstairs and it wasn’t until I was searching around to find her dummy that I noticed her sheet was damp. I first thought this was from being too hot as she is a hot sleeper. Then I noticed that her bottoms were also a little wet. So I got her out of bed and went about stripping the bed and getting her changed.

I was really surprised with how well the sheets had absorbed her wee. They didn’t feel saturated with wee but I could tell they were wet. This must be down to the second membrane that stops the liquid from going any further. They didn’t even smell of wee.  Which was fantastic as I really didn’t want to put a wash on . I know that probably sounds horrid but who wants to be putting a wash on when your meat to be going to bed.

I went to put the sheets in the wash the next day and they still didn’t smell of wee. They weren’t discoloured or anything . To be honest I wouldn’t have know she had done a wee on them if I wasn’t the one who had taken them off her bed the night before.

They washed really well and dried really quick which is what you need when you have a toddler who is trying to stop having her night nappy on

My overall thoughts on the B-sensible fitted cot sheet and pillow case

Overall I’m so impressed with both B-sensible products. If we had taken her nappy off with just using normal sheets. She would have been soaking wet. I would have been stressed out wresting wee covered sheets off her bed and sponge cleaning her mattress. It wasn’t stressful at all the sheets kept the wee contained in them over night and they didn’t smell at all. They wash really well and dry really quickly which is a bonus.

Honestly the process that goes into making these sheets is fascinating. I don’t want to do them an injustice by trying to explain it to you. You need to head over to their website to find out all about it. You will be amazed honestly I mean how can these sheets start off as a tree in the forest!

B-Sensible fitted sheets

Just incase you were wondering Ava hasn’t mastered no nappy of a night time. I think starting nursery has just wiped her out so once her head hits the pillow she is asleep. Maybe when she has had a few more weeks at nursery and is used to our new routine I will try again. I just didn’t want to make it a stressful negative experience for her.

Taking the nightime nappy away can lead to alot of worry. Mainly that they will have an accident in the night and you will be left cleaning the matress and sheets in the night. The B-sensible sheets protect your mattress. Theses sheets start their life off as a tree and end up as the softest sheets ever . Clever right ! #nappy #pottytraining #nightime #toddler #parenting #toddlerlife #growingup

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