Baby Mickey mouse activity toy : review

I dont think I have come across anyone that doesnt love Disney. Even from a young age children are drawn in by the magic of Disney. The amount of Disney films we have watched with Ava over the last 2 years is crazy. This love of Disney is already being passed on to Alby.He has to listen to our sing along to Disney songs most days in the car. To keep this love of Disney going in our .Alby has been treated recently by the lovely people over at Rainbow designs to a baby Mickey mouse activity toy.

baby Mickey Activity toy

The baby Mickey mouse is fantastic for babies inquisitive minds. It encourages baby’s early developmental skills and promotes sensory play.

There are multiple things attached to Mickey from a rattle to hoops with brightly coloured ribbon attached. The ears also have teething sections on it. Which is great for Alby at the moment as everything is in his mouth. The texture of the teething sections give great relief to his sore gums. The ears also have a crinkle to them which was a nice addition along with different textures over Mickeys body.

baby Mickey

On top of Mickeys head is a clip which can be used to attach Mickey to a wide ;


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