Baby Nails taking the stress out of clipping your little ones nails

One of the things I hate doing the most is cutting Ava’s nails . It takes me forever I have tried everything to keep her still and now she is 18 months old it’s getting harder and harder . I spend forever lining the nail clipper up so I don’t chop her toe or finger off . Then she moves before I get to cut it.

Thankfully someone has come up with an alternative. One that doesn’t take you for ever to do and also one that doesn’t require you to pin your little one down to do it . This product is called Baby nails.

The pack I received contained the thimble and three different files . The three different files have an age on them which the file is best to be used on. Of course every child is different and you may choose to use them at different ages.

It’s so easy to use you simply pick what file you are going to use then attach it to the Thimble . I have noticed the more I used mine the better the file rounded to the shape of the Thumble . Once the file is on it’s ready to be used

Now Ava hated having her nails cut before we used this . Now she is intrigued by what it is and tries to do mine . Which is great as it takes away from the scary experience that can be having your nails cut. We don’t have any problems now .No longer am I fighting with her to do it.

Overall I am really happy with the product and wish I had known about it earlier. If you find nail cutting a nightmare with your little one then this is the product for you.

Want to purchase Baby Nails then check out their website. Where you can pick from a wide ;

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