Blade and Rose rainbow top and leggings :review 

Recently I was approached to see if I would like to review Blade and Rose rainbow top and leggings set  . I was instantly drawn in by the colourful design and the detailing on the bottom part of the leggings.Ava’s one for exploring her environment. It normally ends up with her tights falling down and showing her nappy to everyone. Not the look we were going for when I got her dressed in the morning.

Blade and Rose rainbow
So we put our new Blade and Rose rainbow  set to the test .Seeing how it would Fair whilst having fun in the garden. Ava looked really cute and comfortable and was able to run around with the dog with out the restriction of tights.

Blade and Rose rainbow
Of course being in the garden she did fall over and get her new outfit a little I thought it was a great way to see if the fabric could with stand toddler stains whilst being washed. Which it did I washed it like any other of Ava’s clothes and it came out looking brand new . I was worried the colours may fade after a few washes and they haven’t . They are still as vibrant as when we first got them. This is an achievement in our house as I’m not the best at washing so I need clothes that can be washed really easily but still look awesome afterwards.

Blade and Rose rainbow
The design work on the bottom is just adorable . I would really consider buying more leggings to wear with her other outfits . So if her little bottom does come out at least she has a cute design on it.

Overall I am really happy with the Blade and Rose rainbow set. If you would like to purchase your own. Or want to have a browse at their other designs .Then head over to their website.

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*I was sent the Blade and Rose rainbow set for free. In return for an honest review. All opinions are my own*

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