Books that tell children its okay to be different !!

when I was asked to write a review about this collection of stories I was so excited ! . As I have worked in a nursery for many of years I have watched children of all ages trying to find themselves and realising they may be a little different to others around them. ( personally I think it is a good think to be different it would be a boring world if we were all the same!)

The stories have a cute little main character who realises that he is different from others ( I’m not going to tell you what happens though don’t want to spoil it). I think that many children will be able to relate to this character and make them realise it is ok to be different.

There are currently two books in the collection the first one is called I am Squarehead and the second is called Hairy Scary’s bad day. Both book have been beautifully illustrated, personally I really enjoyed the Bold Lettering in certain parts as it draws your attention to the thoughts and feelings of the different characters.

I think each child growing up as sad as it is will come across a situation where they fell different to others around them but this book will teach them that its ok to be different. I will defiantly be reading these to Ava whilst she is growing up.

i was sent these books for free in return for an honest review all opinions and pictures are my own.

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