Bottle cleaning made easy ! Review and giveaway 

One of the jobs I hate doing the most is cleaning Ava’s bottle . I get really anal about how clean they are so it takes me forever to get them looking sparking .

I was recently approached by Nimble babies who have produced a product to make the cleaning of bottles easier . They suggested that it would cut down on the time it takes to get your bottles clean with just a few sprays of their milk buster spray.

The milk buster works by detaching milk fat and proteins from plastic . This means that your bottles no longer look cloudy or even smelly. Nimble babies milk buster has been tested in a lab and showed better results for removing milk residue than regular washing up liquids.

I really liked the fact that it has a trigger spray as it makes cleaning the teats really easy . It Also makes sure you don’t use more liquid than is required, making it last for ages ! .

nimble babies
They also do a mini travel bottle that is perfect for when you are out and about . So when you get home your bottles won’t be smelling and are ready to be cleaned again more throughly or placed in the steriliser.

Nimble babies milk buster is available from both kiddicare and Amazon and is priced around £5.99 for a 200ml bottle. Want to know more about Nimble babies check their Website out.

Getting your babies bottles squeaky clean can be hard . The bottles start to look cloudy and just not nice . Nimble babies milk buster makes cleaning bottles easy and keeps them looking new for longer. #parenting #parentinghack #babybottles #keeingthemclean #bottlefed #nimblebabies

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