One for the cheese lovers. A Cheese tostie to your door with cheeseposties 

Cheese is one of my favourite things to eat . There really isn’t a meal that’s not made better with a bit of cheese on the top . So you can imagine my excitement when I arrived home from work the other day to my cheeseposties delivery.

Cheeseposties subscription service
Cheeseposties is a subscription service . Where you can receive a range of different cheeses and sauces to make the perfect cheese toastie . It literally comes with everything you will need including the bread and the butter .

There are many different ways you can personalise your cheeseposties subscription . You can opt for sweet or savoury or maybe a bit of both. You can also specify if you’re  vegetarian or have a nut allergy .

The pack I was sent included a toasting pouch which can be used in the toaster. If you opt to have the subscription over a longer period of time the pouch will be replaced with every 3rd postie.

I made my toastie using my George Forman grill as I like the outside to be nice and crunchy . I also added some onion to the Red Leicester cheese .

Cheese toastie to your door with cheeseposties
In the pack there was also a tomato and spicy tomato sauce . Which was really yummy and really added to the overall taste of the toastie.

The cheeseposties subscription would make a great present for someone . Or if you just wanted to treat yourself every now and again .

The one thing I love about this subscription service is that you can personalise it completely. You can pick how often you would like it from weekly to monthly . Each postie costs £5.12 but when I looked though the different subscription packages . I found the more often you have the posties the cheaper it becomes per postie .

I am all for helping a good course and I found that the cheese postie company supports Mary’s meals . Which provides a school feeding program in some of the worlds poorest communities . So for every cheese postie they sell it provides a meal for a hungry child in a safe environment.

Cheese toastie to your door with cheeseposties
*I was sent the cheeseposties for free in return for an honest review . All opinions are my own. *

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