Clair de Lune cotton candy range

We have been sent some lovely products from Clair de Lune for Ava this week . They are from there cotton candy range and are absolutely Beautiful

The first product from there Cotton Candy range was the blanket. Now we use so many blankets as Ava loves to be wrapped up in them as she hates to be cold and this blanket is perfect for that. The material is so soft against her skin she loved to snuggle up in it and have a little nap. The blanket has a cute embroidered hearts and circle pattern on the material . The blanket is made from 100% cotton and washes really well not loosing any of the colour or shape ( Amazing as so many of the blankets we have brought loose shape once they have been washed !!)

Clair de Lune cotton candy range
The size of the blanket is 70x90cm making it perfect for snuggling up in.
All colours avalible are pink ,blue and Ivory
This is priced at £17.99.
The Second product in the Cotton Candy range we tried was the changing mattress. This is such an amazing product .We currently have a generic plastic cushioned chancing matt and during the night we find that this can be a little cold to put Ava straight onto , so we have had to purchase towels to place on top. As they are not made for the changing matt they get all crumpled up and don’t look neat ( I like everything in Ava’s room to look perfect !). So this changing mattress solves all of these problems for me it has a detachable towel that can be removed easy so that it can be washed. The detachable towel can also be taken off and the mattress can be used as a play matt, I did this whilst I was getting ready one morning . As Ava is learning to roll I can no longer put her on the bed when I get ready so I was able to use the mattress bottom on the floor so she had a soft and comfy place to play on whilst I got ready. The mattress is really cushioned making it a really comfortable place to lay down on.
Clair de Lune cotton candy range
The size of the changing mattress is 55x85cm.
All colours available are pink , blue and Ivory
This is priced at £35.99
The third product we were lucky enough to try from their cotton candy range was the luxury hooded towel, the same as the blanket the hooded section of the towel had the cute embroidered hearts and  circle pattern on the material. The material again washed really well in the washing machine keeping its shape and softness. ( Many towels we have brought previously have lost their softness once washed !).
Clair de Lune cotton candy range
The size of the luxury hooded towel is 75x75cm making it perfect for snuggling in after a bath.
All colours Available are pink, blue and ivory.
This is priced at £13.99.
All these products would make wonderful gifts for any child or if like me you like to spoil your little one then these would be perfect. The Clair de Lune range is a big hit in our house and we feel that the products are fantastic value for money. This range has also been awarded the silver award in best baby and toddler gear 2015 by Mumii.
All these products can be purchased from the Claire de Lune website.
Clair de Lune cotton candy range

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