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I love to personalise my items especially my phone case. You have all been there your out with your friends and you all have the same phone . To stop that awkward moment of picking up your fiends phone I like to custom make mine .

I have recently been approached by Caseapp to see if I would like to review their personalised skins/cases. Looking through  their website and seeing all the different possibilities I was really excited to start creating mine.

There website is so simple and easy to use .You can pick from a design they have already created for you or make it yourself from scratch.

These are a wide choice of different Pre made designs on the website . You can also add some personalisation on top if you wanted to . I picked one of the pre designed skins for my iPad as I just loved the print.

The other option is to design it yourself everything from, would like it to be matt/shiny , the colour and the graphics on it . You can also pick to upload your own image which I have found can make a great present.

I’m not the best when it comes to putting screen protectors on so I thought that putting the skin on my iPad was going to be just as hard . How wrong I was the skin is a thick sticky plastic that doesn’t loose it’s stickiness . Meaning if you put it on incorrectly you can lift it up and move it around .

The phone case I designed myself . I did use some of the pre made clip arts feature to create the writing . I would advise doing this on a laptop as I found it to be really fiddly on my phone but that may just be the design I picked .

As I’m one to always drop my phone I loved the fact that I could make my case an extra protection tough case.

It really is that simple to make something so personal.

For a limited time the lovely people over at Caseapp have given me a discount code for you to use at the checkout . Just use the code BANDTHEBIBS20 to get a 20% discount .


*I received the products above for free in return for an honest review, all opinions are my own*

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