Dream Tents the perfect addition to any child’s bed

Do you have a child that loves to make dens or little secret hideaway ? Yes well will love Dream Tents.

Dream Tents wonderland

What are Dream Tents

The name really says it all it’s a pop up tent that you can put over you child’s bed . The Dream Tents we received was the wonderland one . So it has mountains and snowflakes over it . Which Ava loved as it reminded her of Frozen which is her favourite film at the moment.

The wonderland Dream Tents

How do you attach it to your bed ?

Things that go over or around kids beds normally scare me a little . Especially the ones that have straps on as I just have a fear of them coming loose in the night and the straps being in the bed . The Dream tent however doesn’t give me the same fear as it has no straps. You simply put the two plastic u shapes under the mattress making sure to have them the correct way up . Then slot the tent into them.

how to attach the Dream Tents

It then stays in place perfectly even with a toddler tossing and turning around in bed . Ava’s not the stillest of sleepers and it hasn’t moved at all .

What else does the Dream Tents have to offer ?

It comes with a little light that can be attached to the tent so that it can be used as either a night-light or a reading light for older children . It has a ;

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