Gift guide & giveaway : something for the kids 

Christmas is fast approaching in a blink of an eye it will be here . So I have complied some awesome gifts for the kids that will keep them both entertained and also may help you with their behaviour .

Totsup reward bus

Christmas is such an exciting time of the year . Kids seem to bounce of the Celling as soon as December comes and it can be hard to keep their behaviour on track . Well Tots up have created a perfect way to help you keep the kids in check .

The Tots up reward chart is easy and simple to use . The people magnets start on the bus stop , then when your child is well  behaved or fulfils a desired request . They can place a person on the bus. Once the bus is full their achievement should be celebrated with a reward. Children are able to monitor their own progress visually which will make them strive to reach the end goal.

With an additional cost of 99p you can use the chart on the go via an app.

I personally think it’s worth the 99p as you can reinforce the reward chart where ever you are . Then update it once you get home . Also if your child goes to grandparents houses they too can use the same method making it more likely to be successful.

The Totsup bus can also be purchased in pink and they have also recently introduced some Christmas theme characters to go on your child’s bus ready for the festive period.

The Totsup reward bus starts at £22.95 and can be purchased from there website.

Paint your own  fairy door

Fairy doors are becoming more and more popular with parents including them in their different parent strategies . From using the fairy doors To keep monsters away at night times . To giving the fairies behind the door the children’s dummy’s when it’s time to say goodbye.

The Irish fairy door company have gone one step further creating a set that your child can decorate themselves . Adding those personal touches .

After your little one has decorated it and put it in a special place . You will need to give your fairy a name . The fairy welcome guide will help you through all the things you can do with your fairy . From registering it on there website to using the app to enjoy all the magical features it has .

I cannot wait for when Ava is older and we can fully use this fairy door . The paint your own fairy door is priced at £24.99 and can be purchased from there website. They also have some other cool products being launched soon so keep your eyes on their site.

The girl who lost her name

I am a big one for personalised things for Ava . So creating a story with Ava’s name in is right up my street.

Creating your story is really easy you simply pick if it’s for a boy or a girl Then type in there name . Don’t worry if your child has a short name like Ava . Additional pages will be added to your story to make it longer . You then get to pick the different characters corresponding to the letter in your child’s name .

You can also pick the format of your book be it a soft back or a hard back or a deluxe keepsake edition.

There is also a space to add a little message for your little one . Which I love as I have still got books now that my parents wrote a note in when I was younger and I love them.

That’s it simple done !

I hope this post have given you some inspiration and hopefully showed you new and exciting gift ideas for your little ones .

* The products shown above were sent to me for free in return for an honest review, all opinions are my own *


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