Home learning courses : what do Employers think ? 

This is a collaborative post with NCC home learning . They are a company who produce home learning courses to enable you to develop your skills all from the comfort of your own home. 

Working in a nursery I understand the importance of staff development. This is something that the company I work for try really hard with . They have taken many different routes when it comes to staff training and development . Realising everyone has such a busy home life as well as a work life can make it hard to fit in staff training. This is where home learning courses come into play . They enable you to do it in your own time and at your own pace.

I have recently filled out a survey around this subject that was produced by NCC home learning . The survey by NCC home learning enables you to think about home learning. If you are an employer its a great survey to take as it enables you to think about the benefits of Home learning. This will also be great if you’re an employee to look at .It will help you understand why different decisions by your management or development team are made.

I found the following statements from the survey very interesting

True or false

University courses are on average £23,520 more expensive to train your staff compared to a home learning course.

Home learning courses are on average £10,692 more expensive to train your staff compared to a university degree


Even though I have myself have been to university and are due to go back in September . I find the thought of home learning very appealing. Being able to juggle it around looking after my daughter and not having to commit to a certain Day each week. Would make life a lot easier.

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