Putting your best foot forward with Hotter shoes : Hotter Resort sandals in rose gold Review

Now if you have been a reader of my blog for a while you may have seen around 18 months ago my mom broke her ankle. You don’t realise how something like this can change your life forever. My mom now is either in trainers that support her foot completely or shoes that she wouldn’t have picked before breaking her ankle. We have walked and walked the high street trying to find a pair of shoes that she likes the look of and that also support her foot in all the right places. Let me tell you this isn’t an easy task !

Then a few weeks ago I attended a blogging conference in Manchester called Blogon. I was walking around the brand den and saw that Hotter shoes were there. I have had Hotter shoes in the past so I know how comfy they are. On their stand was a competition running to win a pair of shoes to review on your blog. Instantly I thought of my mom and thought I would try my luck. Took my picture next to prince charming and posted it on Twitter.

Hotter resort sandals in rose gold

To be honest I didn’t think I would win as I never win anything like that. On my way home though I received the exciting news that I had in fact won . I was so excited and straight away text my mom to tell her she was over the moon. That week I took her to the Hotter shop in Merry hill to look at some of the shoes they had on offer. She tried loads of different ones on and the lady in the store was so helpful. She then brought out some beautiful rose gold sandals and straight away I saw my moms face light up. She said I just hope they fit nicely. To which they did and she was over the moon.

Hotter resort sandals in rose gold

So I emailed Hotter back and asked them for these beautiful resort sandals in rose gold for my mom. A few days later they arrived and they looked just as stunning as they did in the shop. I took them to my mom’s for her to try on to make sure we had got the right size.

Since that day I don’t think I have seen my mom in any other shoes ! She said they are so comfy and the support in the arch section of the foot really helps. She also said she likes the fact that they have a small elastic section on the band as it gives the material a bit more give. Which is especially handy for when her feet swell up as this happens a lot since breaking her ankle.

Hotter resort shoes in rose gold

These beautiful Hotter resort sandals in rose gold go with every outfit and they look lovely. Be it a dress or trousers. They are perfect to include in a summer capsule wardrobe and at £59 I think they are a good price. They are available in lots of colours too not just rose gold so if rose gold isn’t your colour dont fear.

The buckle on the side isn’t just for show either this can be used to alter the tightness of the shoe across the foot. Which is also really handy for when my moms foot swells up.

Hotter resort shoes in rose gold

They are also really lightweight which means my mom has been able to walk some distance in them comfortably .

My mom’s overall thoughts on the Hotter resort sandals in Rose gold

Overall my mom is really happy with the Hotter resort sandals in rose gold. She is able to comfortably walk for a long period of time and they don’t become uncomfortable. They go with almost anything which is perfect if your thinking of taking them on holiday. Or if your limited to what shoes you can wear like my mom.

Hotter resort shoes in rose gold

So thank you so much Hotter I now have one very happy mom. Who is a total Hotter convert and is asking me to take her to store again to see what else she could have.

After my mom broke her ankle she found it hard to find shoes that were comfy and stylish. That was until she discovered these Hotter resort sandals #hottershoes #sandals #flats #capsulewardrobe #summershoes #rosegold


  • adele williams

    awesome. firstly well done on winning! I never win anything either. You know i have mobility issues so i may well get some of these as i need support and we are off on holiday next week I do find the birkenstock ones are also very good and might be worth you mum trying.

  • Mrs Marietta Thiompson

    I have just recently purchased a pair of resort toe post sandals, in beige colour.
    I wore them once and the toe post made one cut on my big toe and one cut on my second toe. This was on my left foot.
    On my right foot the underneath toe post, made a cut on my big toe.

    Not good quality leather. I have other toe post sandals from good quality shoe shops (Russell and Bromley) etc and they do not cut my toes. If leather sandals are good quality throughout, they should not cut or blister feet.
    I have purchased winter boots from Hotter several times and they are comfortable and good quality.
    I will never buy toe post sandals again from Hotter. I wasted £59.
    Obviously many Hotter shops are now closed due to Covid, including my local shop. Therefore I am unable to go to shop, to try sandals on before purchasing them. I had to rely on on line.

    Do not buy these.

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