Injecting colour with Dylon

If your anything like me , now you have a little one you don’t tend to separate colours, as you just about get time to put the washing machine on . You then get your little ones white baby grows out the washing machine and realise they are no longer white !. Many of Ava’s baby grows in the early days had a slight blue tinge to them. Also as they are being washed all the time they lose their colour and look a bit dull . Well Dylon have recently send me some of their dyes to help me with this issue . Not only did I get to create some amazing pieces . I got to relive my youth and do some Tye dyeing . I remember vividly in primary school being asked to bring in a pillow case to do some Tye dye with .

So I picked some of Ava’s items that needed some TLC.

After refreshing my knowledge on different ways to dye products I picked three different ways. They are:

Method one

I twisted the fabric tightly and used a hair band to hold the ends together.

Method two

I placed bands down the length of a Muslin so that it would leave the material underneath white .

Method Three

I simply left the items as they were and dunked them into them into the dye .

To prepare the dye it’s really easy . With the washing machine ones you simply add the dye , 500g of salt along with the items into the drum . Then simple put it on to wash.

To do the hand dyeing method place around 6 litres of water  , 250g of salt and dye into a bucket and place the items in . Make sure to stir the items so they are covered evenly . Also make sure to wear gloves to save your hands from getting dyed .

In an hour I had created some amazing new items . Things I was contemplating throwing away because of my washing mishaps . Have now been given a new lease of life and ready to be enjoyed .

It’s so simple and easy I’m glad I tried it out. Over the next few weeks I am hoping to transform an old pair of Converse pumps . Keep an eye out on social media for updates.

*I was sent the Dylon dyes for free in return for an honest review. All pictures and opinions are my own*

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