JD bug junior kids scooter from Skates: review

We were sent two JD bug junior scooters from Skates for free in return for an honest review. All opinions are my own.

There are only so many walks you can do with the kids before you start to hear the words, I’m bored !!!! With a year of lockdowns and restrictions we have been on more walks than we have ever been on before. Then adding a dog into our family who also needs walking daily has made a walk in the woods less appealing. However I do worry about how much screen time my two have so I try anything to get them away from their screens and get them outside.

We have been sent two scooters from for the kids to try. To see if they can make the daily walks a little more enjoyable for them and a little less stressful for me.

The kids got to pick what scooter they would like from the skates website. Ava being like any typical 5 year old girl was instantly drawn to the pink JD bug junior kids scooter. Alby always wanting to be like his sister went for the same scooter but in red as he said it was like Spider-Man.

After reading the product description I did notice that these scooters were for children 4 years plus. Alby is 3 1/2 so a little younger than the recommended age for this scooter. So I tried to get him to pick another from their younger age range but he was having non of it . As he wanted one with two wheels and the younger one had three wheels. So we decided to let him have the one he originally picked with the view that it will last him for many years to come and he may still be able to ride it.

The delivery of the scooters were super quick which I was grateful for. As my two were so excited that they were getting new scooters. They were delivered by a courier and I was sent a messgae on the morning to say what time to expect my package and they came on time.

JD bug junior kids scooter

They are super quick and easy to put together. Everything just clicked into place. I really like the fact that the height is adjustable, so you can fit it perfectly to your own child so they feel safe and secure whilst scooting.

JD bug junior kids scooter

One plus for us is the fact that you can fold the scooter down using a small lever at the front. You can also release the foam grip handles which makes it even smaller. So perfect for storing in the boot of the car or in the garage when not in use. It’s also super light which is handy as you know at some point they will want you to carry it.

Easily to fold scooter

There is also a foot break on the back, which my two haven’t been able to master. I did of course have a try myself and the break itself is really easy to use. I think my two just need to gain more confidence with scooting before they start to think about using the foot break.

The main thing you want from a scooter for young children is for it to be able to handle bumps and knocks.I can honesly say that Alby has put this scooter to the test. The amount of times he has fallen off it is maddness. Not because of the scooter but because his little legs just werent going as fast as the scooter was. However the scooter still looks as good as new and has withstood Alby trying to get to grips with using it.

The JD bug junior kids MS100 is currently on sale for £29.95 on the Skates website.

Our overall thoughts on the JD bug junior scooter from Skates

Overall we are really happy with the scooters. The kids love the colours of them which for kids is one of the main things they look at.

The adjustable height of the handle bar meant I was able to get them at the perfect height for both children. Then as they grow I can adjust them when and as needed.

When not on sale the JD bug junior scooters are available for £34.95 each which I still think is a reasonable price as it will last them till they are 12.

JD bug junior kids scooter

If you want to find out more about the JD big junior scooters then head over to the Skates website where you can find a full description and also a really handy video.

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